Pirates Prospects Has a New Logo

Pirates Prospects Has a New Logo

Last week I started a contest, looking for submissions for a new Pirates Prospects logo. I received a lot of very good submissions, and thank everyone who put something together for the contest. The winning logo was submitted earlier this week, but immediately became my favorite, and that didn’t change as the week went on. I asked various people for their opinions on the top submissions, and the logo selected was an unanimous choice. Here is the winning logo:

Pirates Prospects logo

The winning submission was created by Jay Obstarczyk. Jay is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based out of Pittsburgh, PA. His work has been showcased in numerous juried exhibitions where he has won awards such as Best In Show Photography and People’s Choice. When Jay isn’t working at his full time position as a graphic designer or appeasing his many freelance clients he enjoys working on his own personal projects and ideas. For any graphic design/illustration needs contact Jay at

Some of the runner ups included more Pirates themed designs (Pirates as in Jack Sparrow, and not Andrew McCutchen), but I really liked the Pittsburgh theme with the Clemente Bridge in the logo. A few people also pointed out how the bridge is a symbol for the path to PNC Park, which is fitting for the route that prospects have to take. Overall it was an outstanding job by Jay on the design.

Pirates Prospects is FREE today in honor of the Wild Card game. You get special access to all of our content, which is typically reserved only for subscribers. We cover the Pirates 365 days a year, with live coverage all throughout the playoffs, and off-season coverage of the minor league players in the Arizona Fall League and Winter Leagues. During the season we average well over 6 articles per day on the Pirates. This is the best stop if you're a hardcore Pirates fan, and the subscription prices are very low.

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  • BenSwogger

    Love it

  • Stargell_Stars

    Great choice, it looks superb!

  • Jeff Brooks

    Adding the Clemente Bridge was a great touch.

  • wmcclurg

    New logo is unbelievable! Absolutely love it.

  • piraddict

    Great job Jay!

  • Patrick Kelly

    Awesome new logo! Great work Jay!

    Tim, now you need a new favicon for the site to match the new logo.

  • Wabbit_Season

    Um. Tim? Gonna need a shirt like that.
    Can you put up some merchandise?


    • clementeninjamonk

      here here!

  • Ben Cerrone

    Tremendous logo!!

  • Possum

    Absolutely outstanding new logo. Looks like you have hit a grand salami with it. A big tip of the hat to Jay for doing the great work on it.

    And I agree with Wabbit that you need to market some shirt, hats, whatever. If you do I want one of each!

  • Karl Benzio, MD


  • goldfishtank

    Wow doesn’t that logo look very similar to the one on

  • goldfishtank

    wow my post was deleted quick, but that logo looks like a ripoff to

    • Tim Williams

      Your post wasn’t deleted.

      The only similarities I see with the two logos is they have a bridge on top. Even then, the bridges are different.

      • Josh

        Yeah, I mean, Pittsburgh is the city of bridges after all so it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine people would come up with the idea of a bridge. Especially since it is so close to PNC. Other than that the shape/color of the bridges aren’t the same so I think it’s just a good idea that two different individuals came to.

  • leowalter

    Great job by Jay !

  • TonyPenaforHOF

    Great logo! Truly a Pittsburgh look.

  • szielinski

    A good one! It’s distinctive and creates a brand identity.

  • PikeBishop65

    Hey, how about showing some of the “also ran” logos. Would like to see them, also give some pub to the artists.

  • GoldNeck

    As one of the entrants in this contest, I’d like to congratulate Jay for creating a design I’d vote for over my own. Nice choice, Tim.

  • Brian Bernard

    Tim, I’d definately buy a T-shirt or hat. The other site is likely jealous because this one has class. Nice job Jay. ? Stargell Stars?

  • City of ChampYinz


    Love the logo…it’s awesome!

    One thing that immediately came to mind when I first saw it was the bridge looks like it could also represent the “waves” of prospects that you always talk about.

    Unintended symbolism at its finest!

    Grand slam home run on this one.

  • csnumber23

    Absolutely love the logo!! Great choice Tim and great work Jay!!

  • larrynez

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  • John Krall

    Great logo! The 2014 Prospect Guide is a great resource which inspires hope that spring is nearing and the Bucco future is bright! Keep up great work!

  • napoleonsays

    I LOVE this, but why is the PR in Prospects darker than the rest?

    • Tim Williams

      Same reason the TS is lighter than the rest. It fades from dark to light.

  • Dennis Thomas

    Top notch Tim. Gives a bit more credibility to the already amazing site. Looking more and more professional everyday, keep up the great work.

  • NorCalBuc

    Beautiful; it’s a bridge to the future, as P2 is as well. I don’t know if others saw that metaphor; I’ll see as I read further.


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