Taillon pitched well after skipping his last start

Jameson Taillon Had Second Opinion; Now All Parties Quiet as Pirates Decide the Next Step

A few weeks ago I reported that Jameson Taillon had been shut down due to elbow discomfort. Last week I reported that Taillon was going to seek a second opinion this Monday. Taillon did go for the second opinion on Monday, but didn’t want to comment on the results today.

I don’t want to speculate on the results of the second opinion. However, I will point out this is a change from the previous updates when Taillon was open to comment on his elbow, and on going to get the second opinion. This time he said he wasn’t comfortable talking about it, noting that the team was currently deciding the best approach to take from here. He didn’t say whether the second opinion confirmed the first one.

I reached out to Pirates’ General Manager Neal Huntington, who also didn’t comment, saying that the team was still “working through the process” and would pass along information to the media “when the timing was appropriate.” I should also point out that this is different from a few weeks ago, when Huntington was open to talking to reporters to confirm my original report.

In summary, Taillon and the team are refusing to comment about the second opinion, with both saying that the team is deciding what to do next. This is different from the first evaluation, when both Taillon and Huntington were willing to discuss the results a few days later. Take from that what you will. For now, we’re awaiting update from the team on the results of the second opinion, and what course of action they will take with Taillon.

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Tim Williams

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  • DG Lewis


  • Tacho Bill

    TJ, here we come.

  • larrynez

    Don’t like the sound of this at all!!!!!

  • Nate James

    Really… If the MRI came back clean, don’t understand why another doc just likes to say he is wrong. Hate this! Hope he is ok and no TJ!

    • Macchamp74

      Heard that ligament was intact on 1st MRI….maybe 2nd look it was attached with a string.

      • Andrew

        MRIs are a terrible diagnostic tool for muscle-skeletal injuries.

        • Nate James

          Why would you say that? MRIs are some of the best diagnostic tools out there as the are able to show in detail the muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels. I’m not saying this as a fan, I am saying this as a former radiology worker. MRIs are the best diagnostic tool out there period!

          • Andrew

            To be more circumspect MRIs are highly misused as a diagnostic tool for musculoskeletal injuries, because they are too sensitive, there is a very high false positive rate. Too many clinicians use them as a crutch, instead of utilizing a thorough patient history and examination.


            • Nate James

              Ok, so the article is true to an extent. The only issue I will say is that there are other tests to help with figuring out a torn ligament is there such as the Valgus or Varus tests of the MCL, LCL, ACL, etc or the drawer test for the ankle in the anterior talofibular ligament BUT they don’t give the end all be all answer. Now these are simple tests that I can conduct on any number of patients and make a logic diagnoses, BUT the only way to get an exact right or wrong answer would be to get a MRI test that looks at that ligament directly. You can have a patient in the office and do a simple medical work up, but if I notice someone come in with a particular injury that I motion test on, I will be suspicious of an injury at that exact location. The article hits on misuse of the MRI machine, but it doesn’t really talk about good physicians using its benefits. I would like to read an article that outlines how many correct diagnoses are given through MRIs vs the wrong diagnoses. All in all, I agree there are many bad physicians out there that take advantage of patients, but still believe that MRIs are the best way to get an exact answer if you narrowed it down to one site.

  • Leefoo Rug Bug

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing JT this year in Pgh.

    • Ron Loreski

      Or next year…

  • szielinski


    Pirates luck.

    • Michael Shaeffer

      I’m not saying that the sky is falling until I hear what the doctor actually said.

  • sweetleb

    I think every thing is fine, tallion may have made a mistake by commenting on the 2nd opinion.also hurdle passed on this subject on the radio today. Neal might be flexing his chain of command mussels on this subject.

    • Leefoo Rug Bug

      I like mussels….good eating. :) :)

  • blackmax

    If we’re supposed to start guessing, I’ll guess that the diagnosis is not clear cut, and so it’s not clear that they should start cutting. Maybe they give it some rest and take a look in a month. Now, is it too late to renegotiate with Burnett?

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD

    If it was a confirmation of the first one and no big deal, why would he refuse to comment? This sounds like he got bad news on the second opinion. Big loss if its a TJ like situation – where he misses the entire season or a big chunk of it.

  • wkkortas

    You can never have enough pitching, Vol. MCMXLVII.

  • Honusty

    Is attached (versus non-attached) the same thing as tear (vs non-tear)? Last week NH used the term attached whereas some reference to tear is typically used. I think Taillon also used the term attached (not 100% sure about this).

    • Sandoz

      Ligamentous injuries are graded according to a scale starting from a strain, to increasing degrees of partial tears, to complete tears.

  • pdad

    If were completely bad news, there is nothing to think about. You tell the world he is going to get the best care starting today and will be back in 2015. The hard decision is there is a slight risk that continued pitching will lead to surgery. What do you do? Kind of like Strasburg with the Nats before the playoffs in 2012. You shut him down you are too conservative. He gets hurt what were you thinking

  • IQB

    This just validates that they didn’t need to bring AJ Burnett back…….

  • glassers

    Elbows are scary .

  • Jesse Cleaver

    Best guess is a small tear. They are trying to decide if it is better to just go ahead and do the surgery or if rest will allow it to heal. Either way, I doubt we see him in a Pirates uniform this year. Personally, I hope they just go ahead with TJ so he can start next year with a clean bill of health. If not I’m afraid this will just be one of the injuries that hangs around him for the next few years until the ligament finally completely gives way.

  • skliesen

    Still praying for the best, but preparing for the worst.

  • bucn_blog


  • Douglas Wilcox

    Neal Huntington show is on Sunday before the game, hopefully, we’ll learn something.

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