Gerrit Cole to make second rehab start tomorrow

After feeling well following a Sunday bullpen session, Indianapolis manager Dean Treanor announced that Gerrit Cole will make a second rehab start Tuesday in Triple-A. Cole was bumped on Saturday, as the Pirates wanted to assess how he felt after the side session.

Cole threw five scoreless innings July 28 in Rochester, striking out seven and walking three. Cole was set to throw 100 pitches, which will likely be the limit on Tuesday, before being scratched in the last start. He threw 81 in the first outing, facing a limit of 85.

Cole was placed on the DL July 4 with a lat injury. He also battled a bout with shoulder fatigue, which did not prompt a rehab stint. Cole posted a 3.78 ERA and 78 strikeouts in 85.2 innings with the Pirates this season.

With the plan in the beginning for Cole to make two rehab starts, this would likely be his curtain call in Indianapolis and final warm up for the Pittsburgh rotation.

Author: Ryan Palencer

Ryan joined Pirates Prospects as the Indianapolis Triple-A writer in 2014. Prior to joining Pirates Prospects, Ryan covered high school, college and professional sports in the Indianapolis area. For more updates throughout the season, follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanpalencer.

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  • Scott Kliesen

    Obviously they will need him at his best going into the tough stretch of schedule if they are to remain viable contenders. Not likely to be as effective offensively in the next month. Captain Obvious post.

    • bucsws2014

      But Cole at least adds a RH bat for pinch hitting :-)

      • pilbobuggins

        I’m sure that was supposed to be funny. In reality it’s not a bad point since cole is a pretty good hitting pitcher.

        • bucsws2014

          Not meant as funny, really. There were at least two occasions in the past week when I thought Cole would’ve been a better choice than whomever Clint was sending up to PH.

          • pilbobuggins


  • Sean Epstein

    Good news. It appears they just wanted to give him a few extra days.

    • bucsws2014

      That and they probably really did need to work on something in the BP session.

  • LongJohnSilver

    Well that is a bit strange. Puts him directly into Morton’s slot. Hmmm…..

    • S Brooks

      Wouldn’t read too much into that. It’s the soonest they could get him back given the BP session. Very likely that Volquez is the odd man out…and heaven help us, there might actually be a 4th reliable arm in the pen!

      • bucsws2014

        Given everyone’s most recent couple of starts and Neal actively looking for a LH reliever, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Locke that goes to the pen.

    • Andrew

      Based on the uneven nature of his rehab I don’t think the original plan of two rehab starts is still in affect, or maybe he gets an extra rest day and takes Locke’s spot.

  • pilbobuggins

    When cole comes back the sophomore jinxs needs to be over, it is now time for him to assume the mantle of ace.