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Site Updates: A Change to Our Prices, Monthly Plans, and a Chance to Lock in Your Rate

Site Updates: A Change to Our Prices, Monthly Plans, and a Chance to Lock in Your Rate

In two weeks, we will be adjusting our prices for the first time since becoming a subscription site almost three years ago. No one ever wants to hear about a price increase, but the good news is that our rates are going to still be extremely low for all of the daily coverage you get.

Our Annual plan is going from $29.99 to $34.99. That still makes the site less than $3 per month, with the increase only being an extra 42 cents per month.

The Top Prospect Plan is going from $79.99 to $89.99, which is a monthly average of $2.50 per month, and an increase of only 28 cents per month.

These changes will go into effect on Wednesday, November 15th, which is about two weeks from now. We are waiting two weeks in order to allow you to lock in on the current prices.

You can purchase an extension for your subscription under the current prices, regardless of when your subscription is set to expire. This allows you to extend your subscription for $29.99 for each year, or $79.99 for every three years, avoiding the price increase.

If you wish to purchase a one year extension at the current prices, you can do that here.

A three-year extension at the current prices can be purchased here.

There is no limit to the amount of extensions you can purchase. Currently our longest extension runs through July 31, 2023, and we currently have over a dozen subscribers who have subscriptions running beyond the 2020 season. Anything purchased will be added to the end of your current plan.

No More Monthly Subscribers

We also did away with monthly subscriptions recently. For the last few weeks, new subscribers have only been given the option to sign up on an Annual Plan or a Top Prospect Plan.

We also canceled the old monthly account renewals. Those plans will be expiring over the next few weeks. I also wanted to hold off on a price increase to allow the old monthly members a chance to purchase a subscription before the prices went up. If you had a monthly subscription, you should have received an e-mail from me with details on that process and the change.

If you didn’t receive the e-mail, the process to remain a subscriber is as simple as going to the subscription page and choosing a new plan.

As for why we removed the monthly plan, the short of it is that the monthly payments created too many headaches, didn’t provide much of a financial advantage for us after monthly fees, and ended up costing you more money than you needed to spend. Plus, we want everyone on the site all year long, since we provide articles all year long.

Upcoming Coverage

Starting today, I will be rolling out features from my Arizona Fall League trip last week. I went in expecting to get seven features out of the trip. I ended up getting enough content for at least ten features, along with other bonus news and articles, one of which will come today. That update will be followed by the first AFL feature, which will be on Mitch Keller.

Those will run for the next 2+ weeks. John Dreker will have daily winter league and AFL recaps during that time. We will also have any news that comes up, along with occasional columns from myself when I’m not working on the 2018 Prospect Guide (which you can pre-order here, or pre-order the limited release paperback version here).

We’ve got other features lined up when the AFL features are finished, again with the goal of having content to read on a daily basis.

Site Updates

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