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Site Updates: Introducing Pay It Forward Friday

Site Updates: Introducing Pay It Forward Friday

About a month ago, we introduced the Pay It Forward program to the site. The program allowed you to buy a gift subscription intended for a teacher or student. It was a way of helping out those who couldn’t afford a subscription, and a way of saying Thank You to those teachers who do so many important things in our society for such little pay and recognition.

The original plan was to offer a new occupation each month. But I thought about it, and it just makes sense to offer several occupations at all times, so that you don’t have to wait to say thanks to a given profession.

So we’re making a change to the program.

Starting now, we will have Pay It Forward Friday. Each Friday, we will count up the amount of Pay It Forward plans purchased the previous week. We will then list the plans that are available to be claimed, and those plans can be claimed by a person in the respective field on a first come, first serve basis.

Due to strong support on the program, we still have the following subscriptions left to be claimed:

Teachers: 5

Students: 3 UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, the student subscriptions were claimed within the first five minutes. There are still teacher subscriptions available to be claimed.

If you are a teacher or a college student, e-mail me at to claim one of the available subscriptions. Please include some sort of ID card or other form of verification.

New Professions Added

We have expanded the program beyond just teachers and students. You can now purchase a gift subscription for one of these other professions.

Nurses – When we get sick, they play a huge role in our care, including constantly checking up on us when we or a loved one is in the hospital. They have an incredibly important job, and don’t get nearly as much recognition as they should.

Police – They’re the people who keep us safe and uphold our laws. They sometimes put their lives on the line in this process.

Fire and Rescue – Whether it’s protecting us from a fire, coming to save us when we’re sick or hurt, or running into an emergency that everyone is running away from, these first responders keep us safe and save lives.

Public Works – They’re the people who make our cities work, whether they’re responsible for picking up the trash, making sure the water stays on, paving our roads, fixing our bridges, or providing social services.

Other – If there’s a job you didn’t see on here that you feel should be recognized, you can purchase a gift subscription and leave the occupation in the checkout notes. We will be adding new professions as the program continues.

Buying one of these Pay It Forward plans not only helps this site, but it’s a great way to say Thank You to those people who work extremely important jobs in our society while not being able to afford a subscription due to the lower wages in those jobs. You can purchase a Pay It Forward subscription here.

  • How does this work? If I pay it forward to a policeman, how do I know that a policeman gets it? Not that I don’t trust you… ;)

    • They e-mail me to claim the subscription with verification. That verification can be an ID card, badge, etc. After verification, I give them the code for the free subscription.

      It’s up to them to send out a message saying they got the subscription from the program (I RT any messages that are sent out like that).

      • Todd B

        Tim, did you get my email about the teacher subscription?

  • cabbo80

    I’m starting to wonder if PP going to be around if we pay a year subscription. What are our assurances?

  • wilbert m

    Corrections workers need to be included. Many are veterans, reserves, former police, etc

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