Kevin Creagh

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    Know Your Enemy – Introduction

    A baseball team would be remiss to not know every intimate detail of their division opponents' operations. Once you know your opponents strengths and weaknesses, both short and long-term, you can prepare your own team with a better certainty.

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    Go west young Neal!

    Neal Huntington had an interesting day today. He traded Octavio Dotel, DJ Carrasco, Javier Lopez, Bobby Crosby, and Ryan Church in various trades to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondacks, and San Francisco Giants.  I can say that I haven't seen a series of trades to the same division in one day...

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    I Want To Be A Prospect

    With the draft deadline of August 16th rapidly approaching, it means that we will soon have more “shiny new toys” to examine and rank as prospects. But what exactly makes Player A better than Player B?

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    Don’t Blame Paul Maholm

    If Maholm is traded, what will his legacy be as a Pirate? It’s my contention that he is the best pitcher the Pirates have had in the new millennium. Admittedly, that is damning him with faint praise.

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