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    2012 Minor League Baseball Attendance Rankings

    Recently released attendance numbers and how the Pirates' affiliates ranked.

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    Morgantown Ballpark – Future Short Season Affiliate of the Pirates?

    The plans are moving forward for a new potential ballpark in Morgantown, West VIrginia. Could this be the future home of the Pirates' short-season affiliate?

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    Ideas From the Fringe (Part 2) – The Wild Card Starter

    Yesterday, I took a look at an idea that will probably never happen -- lineup optimization by wOBA.  Today, I wanted to explore another out-of-the-box idea dealing with the Wild Card play-in game and the starting pitcher. The new wrinkle this year with a 1 game play-in game to determine which team...

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    Ideas From the Fringe – Lineup Optimization

    Oftentimes, things are divided between "old school" and "new school" when it comes to baseball strategies.  This is one of those times. The Pirates are managed by Clint Hurdle who is a folksy-speaking, cliche-spewing, dirt-in-the-uniform guy.  He has control of the clubhouse and, along with his staff, have the Pittsburgh Pirates playing...

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    Erasing Psychological Damage (Or Inflicting More?)

    Transport yourself one month into the future.  The Pirates will be preparing for their final series of the regular season.  And if you believe the Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds Report, the Pirates will have positioned themselves to have a 1 in 4 chance of being on the precipice of the playoffs. Who...

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    Remember — It’s Not A Salary Dump If the Red Sox Do It

    Over the weekend, the Red Sox and the Dodgers completed the most expensive trade in baseball history as the Red Sox shipped Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto's approximate $287M of future contracts to the Dodgers for 4 prospects and James Loney. The Red Sox are responsible for only...

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    Defining Large, Mid, and Small Markets

    Oftentimes you’ll hear that Team X is a Large Market team or that Team Y is a Small Market Team.  But aside from knowing that the Yankees are a large market team and Pittsburgh is a small market team, how are the other teams defined?  And what exactly is a mid market...

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    Me, Dallas, Dave, and Corned Beef

    With the Pirates picking Dallas McPherson up off of waivers yesterday, I was reminded of a chance encounter I had with Dave Littlefield back in 2003.  It was the spring of 2003, perhaps late May or early June, and the computer guy at my "day job" and I went to Smallman Street Deli...

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    The Break-Even Point of Erik Bedard

    It was quite a surprise when the Pirates signed Erik Bedard before the Winter Meetings last December.  Bedard was a "name player" that had some pedigree to him, but his recent seasons had been injury-plagued.  That was the majority of the reason that the Pirates were able to swoop in and get...

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    Burnett and the NL Cy Young Chase

    Every start by A.J. Burnett is must-see TV for a Pirate fan this year.  His last 2 starts were a complete game 1-hitter and a so-close-c'mon-finish-it 8.2 IP/2 hitter.  That oh-so-close game was against the Reds last Sunday and salvaged a very important win for the Pirates in that 3 game series. ...

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