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    Trade Target – Ervin Santana

    Could an Ervin Santana for Joel Hanrahan swap benefit both teams' needs?

  • Analysis
    Trade Analysis of a Non-Pirate Trade – Iannetta for Chatwood

    Even though it does involve the Pirates, let's take a look at the recent Iannetta-Chatwood trade to evaluate the value for both sides.

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    Paging Dr. Rosenrosen – Hamate Bone Fractures

    Robbie Grossman recently underwent surgery to have a portion of his hamate bone removed. What exactly is the hamate bone?

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    Trade Target – Adam Laroche

    With the Nationals in pursuit of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, is there a chance the Pirates could trade for Adam Laroche if either of those players sign with the Nats?

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    Non-Tender Trade Candidate – Ian Stewart

    We continue with our periodic look at potential Non-Tender candidates that the Pirates may be interested in obtaining. This article looks at Ian Stewart from the Colorado Rockies.

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    Trade Target — Gavin Floyd

    Continuing in our periodic look at potential trade targets that have been reported by other media sources, let's turn our attention to a recent piece by Ken Rosenthal for Fox Sports. In this post, Rosenthal discusses how the White Sox are receiving a lot of interest on two of their top...

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    Trade Target – All of the A’s, apparently

    Today on Major League Baseball Trade Rumors (MLBTR), there was a piece about how the Oakland A's are willing to listen to offers on any of their players. Is there a chance that the Pirates can benefit from this event?

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    Non-Tender Trade Candidate – Chris Volstad

    Continuing on with the series of posts related to trade targets from the potential non-tendered player pool, my search has led me to look at starting pitching. Chris Volstad from the Miami Marlins could be a target to acquire.

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    Non-Tender Trade Candidate — Mike Aviles

    The Pirates may be able to explore the potentially non-tendered player market for additions to the 2012 major league team.

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    Underscoring the Value of Home Grown Ace Potential

    The Pirates have 4 pitchers in their system right now that profile as #1 ace-level pitchers, something they have not been able to cultivate through their system in a very long time.