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    McCutchen & His Value To The Team

    Discussing MVP votes in late June is a rather pointless exercise.  Players fade late in the season or get injured or just not perform as well.  But it's not too early to at least put a working list together and show how valuable a player like Andrew McCutchen is to his team.  After...

  • News and Rumors
    Trade Values: Joe Saunders

    Taking a look at the potential surplus value of Joe Saunders.

  • News and Rumors
    Trade Values: Kevin Youkilis

    Taking a look at the potential trade value of Kevin Youkilis.

  • Analysis
    Plouffe the Magic Batter

    In 2004, the Pirates drafted Neil Walker in the 1st round of the draft.  He had a cup of coffee in the majors in 2009 and after his full debut in 2010, he has been a fixture in the lineup ever since. In that same 2004 draft, the Minnesota Twins took Trevor...

  • News and Rumors
    Trade Values – Chase Headley

    Taking a look at the trade surplus value that Chase Headley would bring back to the Padres in a trade.

  • Top Stories
    How Much Trade Value Does Your Prospect Have?

    With trade season upon us, Pirates Prospects decided to update the Trade Surplus Values for Prospects.

  • Analysis
    Forgiving John Russell

    "The problem with evaluating the present is that sometimes you need events in the future to occur to properly determine the past." -- a wise While the Pirates were under the stewardship of John Russell from 2008 to 2010, I frequently made jokes about his lifeless, robotic nature.  I coined the...

  • Analysis
    Some Amazing Symmetry for Numbers Nerds

    Check out these standings from Baseball Reference, at the start of Saturday's games: Each division in the corresponding region (AL East/NL East, AL Central/NL Central, AL West/NL West) has nearly the same exact standings as of today. Even the last place teams in each division, especially if you chop out the Padres...

  • International News
    No International Draft for 2013, But 2014 Looks Promising

    There will be no international draft for 2013, but the goal is to have all the pieces in place for 2014.

  • Analysis
    Expectations Should Be Fluid

    Many times in life, what we expect to happen does not come close to what actually happens.  We have to adjust our plans accordingly and move on, whether it is a positive change or a negative one.  The same should be true with expectations as they relate to the Pirates. Expectation #1...

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