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    Oddly Comforted By A $10M Gap

    Yesterday's news cycle brought word that Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates are approximately $10M apart on terms of a contract.  That is a boatload of money is any situation, but I'm somewhat relieved that McCutchen and his agent Steve Hammond are looking at Justin Upton and Jay Bruce's deals as benchmarks. Those...

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    Nutting on Local TV Revenue Escalation

    OK, I swear this is the last post/article I do on local TV revenue and its potential effect on the smaller TV markets in MLB.  Even though it is an issue bubbling under the surface that will have major impacts on the landscape for the next 5-10 years probably. Kristy Robinson interviewed...

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    3 Things Still On Huntington’s To-Do List

    Back in October, there was doom and gloom about the 2011 offseason from not only fans, but also writers that follow the Pirates closely.  At the time, I consistently said that it was OCTOBER and you can't write the story for the upcoming offseason when it hasn't...ya know....started. At the time, there...

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    Greg Smith — Chance of Signing Bell was less than 50%

    Over at Fangraphs, David Laurila had a great piece where he interviewed Greg Smith, now Pirates Assistant GM/then Scouting Director for the Pirates.  The whole interview is fantastic and worth a read, but I wanted to highlight a section that dealt with the signing process with Josh Bell. There was a lot...

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    Updated Value of a Win & How It Relates to Andrew McCutchen

    A recent piece on Fangraphs re-establishes the value of the cost per win on the free agent market. How does this affect the decision by the Pirates this past off-season and going forward with Andrew McCutchen?

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    Burnett’s Impact On The Rotation

    Today the Pirates completed their trade with the Yankees for A.J. Burnett.  Under the terms of the deal, the Yankees will be paying $20M of the $33M remaining on Burnett's contract over the next 2 years.  In return, the Pirates sent Exicardo Cayones and Diego Moreno to the Yankees.  But what are the Pirates getting...

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    TV Contracts — The Next Frontier of Revenue

    Over on the main site, I did an article in December about what the potential value of Pittsburgh's local TV contract could be, since it is undisclosed.  I came to the conclusion by using other known TV contracts that the Pirates' deal could be worth $16.5M to $23.5M per season to them. Joel Sherman...

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    Future Pirate Player?

    The Indians designated LHP Kelvin De La Cruz for assignment to make room for the recently-signed Casey Kotchman. He's 23.  He's 6 foot 5 inches tall.  He strikes out a bunch of hitters and walks a bunch of hitters.  And did I mention he's from the Indians? I'm sure once the Burnett...

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    Off The Reservation

    This was probably the most logical evolution of the Pirates Prospects site.  It has morphed into a cottage news media outlet (all from the crawlspace, not basement, of Tim's house) now that we have an official beat reporter.  I always appreciate some good nerd-inducing number crunching and I will keep an eye on the...

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    Pirates Remaining Unsigned Arb-Eligible Players

    The Pirates have 6 unsigned arb-eligible players. The deadline to exchange figures between the players and the team is Tuesday at midnight.

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