• Early Look At the Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Payroll

    When I was writing about a possible long term Edwin Jackson deal the other day, I reached a point where I started thinking about how a long term deal would fit in with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ payroll commitments. A quick look at our Future Payroll page shows that the Pirates don’t have...

  • Pirates Have Four Players in MLB.com Top 100

    MLB.com has released their top 100 prospects for the 2012 season, and the Pittsburgh Pirates ended up with four players on the list. The four players ranked were pitchers Jameson Taillon and Gerrit Cole, and outfielders Starling Marte and Josh Bell. The Pirates already had a strong showing in the positional rankings,...

  • Is This the 2002-2003 Off-Season All Over Again?

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  • 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates Arbitration Results

    Yesterday was the deadline for teams and arbitration eligible players to exchange salary figures for arbitration. The Pittsburgh Pirates reached pre-arbitration deals with six of the eight eligible players, and exchanged figures with the remaining two players. Here is a look at how each player did through arbitration, looking at the MLBTR...

  • Brock Holt Interview: 2012 Version

    In January 2011 we had a chance to talk to Brock Holt as he got ready for the upcoming season. That interview can be read here. Last year he was coming off a season ending knee injury at this time, looking forward to what would end up being his first full season...

  • Adam Jones – A Floor for Starling Marte

    Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles may be a good example of how Starling Marte can succeed in the majors without a great walk rate.

  • The Best Pittsburgh Pirates Infields Ever

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  • The Best Pittsburgh Pirates Outfields Ever

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  • Where Are the Hitting Prospects?

    A question that gets asked a lot about the Pittsburgh Pirates’ farm system is: where’s the offense? The question isn’t asked in that manner every time. Sometimes it’s an indirect question, asking if the Pirates are going to focus on offense in future drafts. Sometimes it’s an observation that the Pirates have...

  • The 2012 Prospect Guide eBook is Available

    The Pirates Prospects 2012 Prospect Guide is now available for purchase in eBook form. The eBook is sold through our publisher, and not on the site. The price is the same as the regular version, $20.00, and all of the contents are the same. There is a benefit to the eBook being...