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**J.J. Cooper wrote an amazing article at Baseball America about how John Holdzkom went from indy ball to the big leagues. Cooper talks about some of the changes that led to the tall right-hander fixing his control issues, while also detailing how the Pirates noticed him. It’s a great read if you want to learn more about one of the Pirates’ newest relievers.

**Kiley McDaniel has a great guide to scouting over at FanGraphs, along with some handy charts that show you the qualifications for the 20-80 scale. Wondering what constitutes a “plus-plus” fastball? What a runner has to get for 80 speed? Or what about overall player grades? All of this is in there, along with some good explanations on the process.

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Josh Harrison Named NL Player of the Month for August http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/09/josh-harrison-named-nl-player-of-the-month-for-august.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/09/josh-harrison-named-nl-player-of-the-month-for-august.html#comments Wed, 03 Sep 2014 21:43:07 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87634 Josh Harrison has been named the National League Player of the Month for the month of August. Harrison hit for a .347/.374/.602 line during the month, giving him the fifth best average in the league, and the best slugging percentage. Harrison also ranked second in OPS at .976, falling only behind Giancarlo Stanton’s .998 OPS.

Harrison is having a great season, and he has been on fire for the second half. His second half line is a .335/.366/.597 line in 187 plate appearances. Once again, that’s the fifth best average, and the second best slugging percentage in the league during that time. The second half has helped propel Harrison to the point where he leads the NL in batting average on the season, with a .313 average.

This is the second time this season that a Pirates player has been named the Player of the Month in the National League. Andrew McCutchen received the honor in June.

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Neal Huntington on Who Could Join the Pirates When Rosters Expand Tomorrow http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/neal-huntington-on-who-could-join-the-pirates-when-rosters-expand-tomorrow.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/neal-huntington-on-who-could-join-the-pirates-when-rosters-expand-tomorrow.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 19:59:18 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87467 Major League Baseball rosters expand tomorrow, with teams able to call up anyone on the 40-man roster, giving them the possibility for an active roster that can hold up to 40 players. Not all of the guys on the 40-man roster will be called up, but you can expect the Pirates to make several moves.

“We’re going to be very cognizant of the numbers that we add to this club,” Pittsburgh Pirates’ General Manager Neal Huntington said. “We’ve got some guys that are obvious additions, like [Gerrit] Cole and [Jeff] Locke, and [Gregory] Polanco is coming back, and we get Stolmy Pimentel off the disabled list. So you’re already at 29 before you start to talk about guys that have spent the majority or their recent time at Triple A.”

Cole, Locke, and Polanco were optioned in the last week, allowing the Pirates to add additional bench players before rosters expanded. All of them will be eligible for the post-season roster this year, despite being in the minors on August 31st, due to a rule change that made everyone on the 40-man roster eligible for the post-season. Previously the rule was that you had to be on the 25-man roster on August 31st to be eligible.

In Polanco’s case, he was sent down to get some regular work in Triple-A, while Travis Snider got starts in right field. Snider went down with an injury a few days later, but Andrew Lambo took over as the starter recently. Huntington said that he feels Polanco has been doing well in his time in Indianapolis.

“We think so,” Huntington said, when asked if the time for Polanco has been beneficial. “Just to get the at bats, just to get out and hit again. After the four-day layoff where Travis [Snider] was swinging the bat so well and deserved to continue to play, Gregory looked a little rough. So that was where we took the opportunity to give him a reach for at bats in Triple A.”

You can expect Polanco, Cole, Locke, and Pimentel to be added. But who else will join the team? I posted my predictions earlier this week, noting that a lot of bullpen arms could come up, along with several bench players. Huntington didn’t want to comment on the moves before they happened. He did discuss what went into the decision to call a specific player up.

“Our first three, four, and five years here, September call ups have been about opportunity and rewards and guys who were getting a chance to see if they belong on next years club,” Huntington said. “This year’s September call ups, and last year’s September call ups are about giving a player’s skill set that Clint can use to win a game. So there may be some guys that you all look at and say ‘I wonder why he didn’t he get call up and why did he get called up.’ Again, the recognition is these are guys that help Clint manage to win a game in some way, shape, or form.”

One area where the Pirates obviously have a need has been the bullpen. They’ve been looking for bullpen help over the last month, and it can only be expected that they’ll add players from the minors tomorrow. Casey Sadler will probably be one of those guys. You could also assume that Ernesto Frieri will come up, since the Pirates are paying him the remainder of his $3.8 M salary. John Holdzkom is a sleeper who was added by the Pirates as a minor league free agent this year, and who has been throwing in the upper 90s with Indianapolis. But I don’t think anyone would be a guarantee, based on Huntington’s comments.

“There will be some surprises that will make some people scratch their head,” Huntington said.

There’s no one who would be a total shock to be left in the minors, and that includes Frieri, who has continued his struggles with Indianapolis, and who would require a 40-man roster spot. There are a few guys who could be called up for specific skills, despite not having the best numbers. Chase d’Arnaud is an example here. He only has a .662 OPS, but he has a lot of speed, is an excellent base stealer, can play a lot of different positions, and has done well against lefties in his career. I’ve heard some talk that d’Arnaud is in the discussions to come up, although I don’t know if that would qualify as a surprise. It will be interesting to see these surprises when rosters expand tomorrow.

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No Moves Imminent For the Pirates as Waiver Trade Deadline Approaches http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/no-moves-imminent-for-the-pirates-as-waiver-trade-deadline-approaches.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/no-moves-imminent-for-the-pirates-as-waiver-trade-deadline-approaches.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 19:32:09 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87462 The Pittsburgh Pirates have until midnight tonight to make a waiver trade and have that player eligible for their playoff roster. But by the looks of things, it doesn’t appear that they’ll be adding anyone before that deadline passes.

“We’ve been aggressive in claims, as has much of the industry has, so there’s not a lot of players that we feel are significant additions for us available that have cleared waivers or that have gotten to us on a waiver claim situation,” Neal Huntington said to the media on Sunday. “Hasn’t been a lack of effort, hasn’t been a lack of interest, but nothing imminent at this point and time.”

The Pirates have been very active on the waiver wire this month, mostly adding guys who are Triple-A depth at best, or DFA candidates not long after being claimed. The best addition was John Axford, who has looked good in a very limited appearance of 4.2 innings. The Pirates could use additional relievers, but any future bullpen help might come from the minors, rather than adding another player off waivers like the Axford deal.

“We’ve got some guys that we think we’ll add here in the next day or so that can help,” Huntington said on future bullpen additions. “Our plans have kind of been all over the map.  It’s been position players, starting pitchers, bullpen guys. It’s been a lower percentage of successful claims this year than ever, meaning guys are going before us. You expect the American League guys not to get through the American League, but there’s been some clubs that have given up some guys in the National League that have been claimed before they get to us this year, which has been a bit of a surprise.”

It’s too small of a sample size to say that Axford will work out, but if he does work out, that would be a huge boost for the bullpen. Mark Melancon and Tony Watson have been great in the late innings. If Axford can take over the seventh inning, the Pirates would be in a strong position down the stretch, and wouldn’t need a big boost from the minors, or from a trade.

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Fastball Command is Key for Francisco Liriano http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/fastball-command-is-key-for-francisco-liriano.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/fastball-command-is-key-for-francisco-liriano.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 17:00:07 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87439 Over his career, Francisco Liriano has proven to be an exceptionally volatile pitcher. One start, he’s dominating, generating numerous swings and misses. The next, he can’t find the strike zone.

In his last start against Cardinals, Liriano put together an outing which was typical of him last season, when he struck out 163 in 161 innings and posted a 3.02 ERA. In six innings he allowed zero runs, four hits, and struck out eight.

The success was a result of him being able to better locate his sinker, throwing it 41 times.

“I really liked the way he used his fastball,” Hurdle said. “There was increased percentage of fastball use, fastball velocity played both sides of the plate, late life and movement, and it set up all the swing and miss stuff.”

When he can’t locate his fastball, Liriano tends to shy away from it, instead throwing his breaking pitches at an atypical rate.

Two starts ago, against the Braves, he struggled to locate his sinker, throwing it only 24 times. He threw 25 changeups and 29 sliders in efforts to compensate for his fastball, as opposed to 11 changeups and 29 sliders against the Cardinals.

The results were as expected, as Liriano surrendered seven runs and ten hits in four innings.

“It’s command oriented,” Hurdle said. When he’s had command it’s lights out. So it all goes back to fastball command.”

These two starts are a microcosm of Liriano’s career. Not only is he ever-shifting from start to start, but year to year. By any standard, Liriano has never put together consecutive successful seasons.

Besides simply command, it’s Liriano’s command out of the stretch that has resulted in his unpredictability from year to year.

“If you go one layer deeper, it’s basically the ability to have command pitching out of the stretch,” Hurdle said. “Years he’s done that have been those years that jump out at you. The years that he’s struggled with his command out of the stretch are the years that the numbers are kind of disconnected.”

Yet, with Liriano coming off a successful outing and having a clean bill of health, Hurdle is encouraged.

“He’s been healthy the second half, and that’s another reason to have optimism,” Hurdle said.

Today’s Lineup

Here is the lineup for today’s 1:35 PM game, with Liriano on the mound.


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The Type of Win That Defines a Contender http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/the-type-of-win-that-defines-a-contender.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/the-type-of-win-that-defines-a-contender.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 01:44:55 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87412 In the quest to the playoffs, a team has to win in a variety of ways. There’s the blowout, offense-outburst type wins. There’s the close, well-played wins. Then there’s wins where a team doesn’t play well, but does just enough to squeak by. Today was one of those wins.

The Pirates didn’t do anything special today. Vance Worley was good enough, allowing one earned run and striking out four in six and two thirds innings. He walked two, hit one batter, and worked his way out of seven three ball counts. The offense was largely unspectacular, managing only four hits, one of those a three run homer by Neil Walker in the 1st inning. And the defense was average, nothing special like yesterday’s game.

Yet, it was enough to get the win. It’s the type of win the Pirates need to manage when they’re not at their best if they’re going to make the playoffs.

“These are the type of games that you have to win if you’re going to get where your trying to go,” Walker said.

It’s the type of win that separates a contender from a non-contender.

“The thing that separates really good teams are locking those one, two run leads down late in games, especially late in the year, and we’ve been pretty successful at that,” Walker said.

In order to win close games like todays, it’s often about quality pitching and clutch hitting. Worley and Walker provided the Pirates with both today.

Worley had struggled in his last two outings. Today, he was able to get back on track, mostly due to his fastball command. Even when Worley wasn’t throwing low strikes, he was able to pick corners and keep the ball down, essentially giving the Reds nothing to hit.

Recently, Worley had worked to get the proper angle on the ball again and to keep the ball down in the zone.

“Today, it was just a matter of working on the back side of the rubber, doing all of my work over the rubber before I went home, and I was able to get the angle on the ball again,” Worley said.

Hurdle concurred that it was the angle on Worley’s pitches that allowed him to have regain success.

“Worley was much more efficient today,” Hurdle said. “Better angle on all his pitches. It was a very good mix from start to finish.”

With Worley back on track, Hurdle is hoping that the rest of the pitching staff can mimic his success.

“Those starters, they keep grinding like they are right now, it’s going to put us in a good place,” Hurdle said.

Of course, the staff realizes that, as they’re pushing each other from outing to outing.

“We’re all pushing each other to go out there and be the best we can,” Worley said. “It’s a game within a game. We’re trying to one up each other and push each other to do better each outing.”

On the other end, Walker noticed a theme from Reds’ starter Alfredo Simon, and took advantage of it.

“He was trying to establish his fastball the first time through the order,” Walker said. “He was more tentative than we’re used to seeing him. After he walked Cutch, I thought being aggressive was something I wanted to do.”

Luckily for the Pirates, they were able to get to Simon when he was more vulnerable early in the game. After the first inning, Simon pitched six scoreless, one hit innings. On the day, Simon allowed four hits, three runs, and struck out seven.

But despite Simon’s mostly dominant outing, it wasn’t enough for the Reds to get the win. And despite the Pirates’ lackluster hitting, it was enough for them to come out on top.

After the game, Worley apologized to the media for keeping his old minor league stuff around his locker. He keeps it there as a reminder of the minors, showing him what he doesn’t want to go back to. But for the Pirates, today’s close win is a reminder of exactly where they want to go. And if they continue to win games like today’s, they just might.

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Clint Hurdle Looks for Quality At Bats from Andrew Lambo http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/clint-hurdle-looks-for-quality-at-bats-from-andrew-lambo.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/clint-hurdle-looks-for-quality-at-bats-from-andrew-lambo.html#comments Sat, 30 Aug 2014 19:59:07 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87405 In yesterday’s 2-1 victory over the Reds, Andrew Lambo was key in starting the Pirates’ rally in the 8th. With one out against Jonathan Broxton, Lambo reached base with a sharp infield single to second base. Lambo was soon brought in by a Josh Harrison triple, who was then brought in with a single by Jose Tabata.

It was a solid at bat by Lambo, where he didn’t try to do too much in a key spot. It’s the type of at bat Clint Hurdle is hoping Lambo can consistently give the Pirates.

“We’re looking for quality at bats like we’ve got from every player we call up,” Hurdle said.

Of course, with a .328/.389/.563 triple slash line in Triple A, Hurdle believes that Lambo can provide more than just that.

“We’re looking for some gap power, some ability to change the game with a swing, cause he’s shown that as well,” Hurdle said.

And for Hurdle, all that Lambo really needs to translate his minor league success to the majors is opportunity.

“[Josh] Harrison’s a very good example of that. Harrison had decent Triple-A numbers. Lambo’s got bigger numbers,” Hurdle said.

Of course, Hurdle recognizes that it’s easier than it sounds to make the jump to the majors.

“There’s never been a bigger gap for me from Triple-A to the big leagues,” Hurdle said.

After steadfast work in the minors, it’s a well-deserved opportunity for Lambo.

“It’s a player who’s worked hard and had to deal with some challenges,” Hurdle said “His time has come now, and he’s going to be with us from here to the end.”

Knowing the work he’s put in, Lambo couldn’t be happier to be called up, especially to a playoff-contending team.

“It’s awesome. It’s a great atmosphere, its electric stuff,” Lambo said. “Coming to the field every day, it’s a pleasure.”

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Josh Harrison is More Than Just Heart and Hustle http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/josh-harrison-is-more-than-just-heart-and-hustle.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/josh-harrison-is-more-than-just-heart-and-hustle.html#comments Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:03:40 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87352 Before tonight’s game Clint Hurdle presented Josh Harrison with the MLB Players Alumni Association’s Heart and Hustle award. It’s an award based on two words that most fans often describe Harrison with. They’re two words that are intangible, and based on old baseball clichés. They’re two words that don’t give Josh Harrison justice for the season he’s had. Tangibly, Harrison has played tremendously this year.

Throughout the season, Harrison has continuously provided the Pirates with numerous, oftentimes clutch hits, and remarkable, instinctual defense. Tonight, Harrison once again provided his team with these qualities in spades.

He collected three hits on the night, a single, double, and triple, the last a triple off of Jonathan Broxton to drive in Andrew Lambo and spark the Pirates’ 2-1 victory.

“I was ready to hit. I was just looking for something that I can handle, and he gave it to me it first pitch,” Harrison said.

(Photo Credit: David Hague)

Josh Harrison had a single, double, and a triple tonight. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

In the field, he made play after play, seemingly always right where the ball was hit. At least two of those plays were well above average, the first one a diving stop to his left in the 4th to snag Devin Mesoraco at 1st, and the second a diving stop to his right in the 7th, slapping third with his hand to get Mesoraco, and whipping a strong throw to first to get Kristopher Negron.

The latter of those plays was completely instinctual, Harrison said.

“My right hand’s closer, it would have taken a lot more [time] to turn around, step on the bag, or hit it with my glove,” Harrison said.

In summation, it was a tremendous, multiple glowing adjective type of game for Harrison.

“We can watch a lot of major league baseball games, you’d be hard pressed to find a better all-around game that Josh had tonight,” Hurdle said.

For Hurdle, it’s not surprising that Harrison played like he did, and came up with the clutch triple against the wall in the 8th.

“You do [expect him to get a hit]. He’s kind of given everybody that believe,” Hurdle said

On defense, Hurdle wasn’t surprised by Harrison’s play either.

“He’s just so instinctive. It’s such a quick read for him ball off bat. First step quickness is excellent,” Hurdle said.

For all of Hurdle’s lustrous praise, Edinson Volquez’s comments shined even brighter.

“He’s unbelievable, he can do everything. For me he’s the MVP [of the league],” Volquez said.

Edinson Volquez thinks that Harrison is the MVP of the league. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Edinson Volquez thinks that Harrison is the MVP of the league. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Perhaps the biggest compliment for Harrison, though, was that he was able to outshine Volquez’s outing. Volquez brought a no-hitter into the 7th, which was broken up by Mesoraco with a single to left. On the night, Volquez scattered one run, three hits, and six strikeouts over 7 and two-thirds innings. He threw 114 pitches—71 of them strikes—and recorded ten groundouts and two fly outs. For most of the game the Reds struggled to make strong contact, as Volquez continuously mixed and kept down his fastball, sinker, changeup, and knuckle-curve.

When at his best, it’s the type of outing one’s come to expect from Volquez. Quietly and efficiently, he’ll cruise through the game, striking out hitters occasionally, but mostly dominating them by inducing weak groundouts.

“He did keep the fastball down, he moved it in and out,” Hurdle said. “The curveball, the changeup played at times.”

Volquez was more unassuming in his reasoning for his success.

“Good warm-up, good pregame, and I was able to bring it to the game and execute pitches.”

The outing brought Volquez ERA down to 3.45, though it didn’t give a win, as his mound mate, Mike Leake, was almost as spectacular. In his career, Leake has mostly given the Pirates trouble, though he’s struggled against them this year. Today, he got back to his old ways, pitching seven scoreless innings.

Tony Watson was awarded the win, upping his record to 10-1. Mark Melancon wrapped the game up with a clean, hitless 9th, giving him his 25th save. The victory upped the Pirates’ record to 70-64. Vance Worley (5-4, 3.14 ERA) will oppose Alfredo Simon (13-8, 3.26 ERA) in tomorrow’s game, as the Pirates’ continue their quest for a playoff spot.

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Gregory Polanco looks to find swing in Triple-A http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/gregory-polanco-looks-to-find-swing-in-triple-a.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/gregory-polanco-looks-to-find-swing-in-triple-a.html#comments Tue, 26 Aug 2014 22:55:16 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=87041 After a grueling 1-for-30 stretch, Gregory Polanco found himself re-joining the Indianapolis lineup and hitting second Tuesday night. However, Polanco does not view this as entirely a demotion, but also as an opportunity.

“I could be up there, not playing and being on the bench,” Polanco said. “You are not going to get better like that. When you are playing every day, that’s how you get better. They made that decision to send me here to play every day and I have to keep working hard.”

The toughest aspect for Polanco, similar to most rookies, was the adjustment that the league made against him. After beginning his Major League career with at least one hit in his first 11 games, his average dropped to a season low of .241 before being sent to Indianapolis.

“At first, they did not know me as well as they do now,” Polanco said. “They are pitching me better and I just have to adjust to the pitching up there. That is a problem with people who are coming up. They get to know you, pitch you better and you have to keep fighting.”

Polanco’s struggles came at a time when it is hard to keep Travis Snider, who is hitting over .300 since the All-Star break, out of the lineup as the third outfielder.

Indianapolis manager Dean Treanor knows of the struggles that young, inexperienced hitters face and thinks that dealing with some adversity could make Polanco even stronger.

“We can’t forget that there is going to be a stretch when young players struggle,” Treanor said. “Unfortunately for him, it’s right now. This might sound strange to say, but he can come out of this even better because he has to understand that big league pitchers are going to make adjustments to him. His thing is that he has to be able to recognize that and make adjustments back.”

Treanor said that the goal in the short stint is to relax while getting back in stride. However, he said that it will also come with work, as he will be working “early every day” to get his comfort and confidence back.

Despite some mutual frustration, Treanor said that he liked Polanco’s attitude in meeting with him on Tuesday and knows that he is ready to work to get back to Pittsburgh.

“It’s tough to see him here,” Treanor said. “No matter what he says, it’s not easy for him.”

The plan is for Polanco to rejoin the Pirates September 2, after the Indianapolis season ends.

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The Details on Tony Sanchez Making His First Career Start at First Base http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/the-details-on-tony-sanchez-making-his-first-career-start-at-first-base.html http://www.piratesprospects.com/2014/08/the-details-on-tony-sanchez-making-his-first-career-start-at-first-base.html#comments Fri, 22 Aug 2014 22:21:30 +0000 http://www.piratesprospects.com/?p=86788 After well documented struggles behind the plate for the past couple seasons, Tony Sanchez will make his first career start at first base Friday night for Indianapolis.

While the future of the position change is up in the air, it will allow the organization to keep Elias Diaz and Sanchez’s bat in the lineup every day. The move that Sanchez would play some first base was announced just after Diaz was promoted.

“I’m not really sure, as far as [the Pirates'] strategy around it, but it comes from upstairs,” Indianapolis hitting coach Mike Pagliarulo said. “If it will add value to the club in Pittsburgh, I’m all for it…It’s good to keep Tony’s bat in the lineup, and he’s starting to really swing the bat well. Hopefully, that’s what they’re looking for.”

Prior to going 0-for-4 Thursday night, Sanchez had a four game hit streak. In those four games, he was 7-for-14 with a double and two home runs. Sanchez has 10 home runs and 16 doubles this season, despite hitting only .228. Much of the average issues stem from a 5-for-55 stretch in June.

Pagliarulo also made a transition to first base in his career as well, so he looks forward to giving some pointers. The expectations for Sanchez at the position are simple.

“My concern for anyone playing a new position that they have never played before is just to not get hurt,” Pagliarulo said. “We don’t want him to play conservatively, but to make the right moves and to know where to go with the ball. We don’t expect any great plays, but he’s a tough kid and a gamer.”

In addition, Pagliarulo said that Sanchez “is buying all in” with the move.

The struggles for Sanchez behind the plate have been well documented. With Indianapolis this season, Sanchez has only thrown out 11 percent of base stealers and committed nine errors. He has also allowed six passed balls in 66 games behind the plate.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Diaz has been tremendous defensively. He has committed just five errors in 91 games, while throwing out 32 percent of base stealers between Indianapolis and Altoona this season. Pagliarulo also said that Diaz has “one of the strongest arms” for a catcher in the organization.

Though Sanchez may or may not have a future at first base, the move makes it clear that the Pirates have changed their interest from Sanchez to Diaz behind the plate. This move makes it more clear that re-signing Russell Martin is a primary necessity for the offseason, as Diaz will likely require some additional seasoning at Triple-A next season.

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