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At the bottom of every Pirates Prospects article is a comments section, where you can add your input to the topic at hand.  The purpose of the comments section is to further the discussion of the article’s topic, and provide some debate.  I enjoy reading the comments, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the article.  I also enjoy a good debate where each side makes well rationed arguments for their case.  What I don’t enjoy is having to moderate comments, although it’s not something that can be avoided.  Anyone can comment on the site, as long as they abide by the rules below.  Anyone who breaks the rules will have their posts deleted.  Anyone who repeatedly breaks the rules will be banned from commenting on the site.

The following comments are not allowed and will be deleted:

  • Attacks or insults towards other commenters, the post author, other writers, players, or anyone else.  In general, just be respectful of others.  In the case of players, it’s normal to point out that a player had a bad game, a bad season, or that a player might not be good.  That’s not really considered an attack, unless it becomes more of a personal nature.
  • Inappropriate language.
  • Pornographic material.
  • Spam links.  Links are fine, but if the whole purpose of the comment is to post a link, it will be deleted.
  • Baiting/Trolling.
  • Off-topic comments.
  • Repeating the same comment. If you have the same thought about a topic that is discussed several times, that is fine.  It’s not fine if you’re putting the same comment in every thread, regardless of whether the comment fits the topic.
  • Fake quotes or fake conversations.  Neither adds to the conversation, and the latter has never been funny.
The basic rule is be respectful of others, and act like an adult.  We’re discussing baseball.  There’s never a reason to be disrespectful towards others just because their opinion on sports is different than yours.  It’s fine to disagree with someone.  I would much rather see the disagreements resulting in a well argued debate from each side, rather than childish behavior.

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    Hitting with Runners in Scoring Position Next Step for Pirates Offense

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    The Pirates Solved Jimmy Nelson’s Curveball in the Second Matchup

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    There Was a Different Tyler Glasnow on the Mound on Friday Night in Altoona

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