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Product Description

The Pirates Prospects Pay It Forward campaign allows you to purchase a subscription for people who can’t otherwise afford it. We’re looking to create a program where Pirates fans in lower paying service jobs can enjoy all of our coverage throughout the Pirates system.

Each month we will be offering a new opportunity to Pay It Forward. Through the end of September, you can buy a gift subscription for Teachers.

Teachers are typically over-worked and under-paid, especially for the essential job they do in our society. They’re not paid nearly what they should be, based on the hours and job requirements, and then have to pay money out of their own pocket for supplies to help educate their students. We ask a huge amount from teachers, and anything we can give in return ends up being tremendously helpful.

Each gift subscription you purchase will go to a teacher. If you are a teacher, you can e-mail to get on the waiting list for one of the subscriptions. Just title the e-mail “Teacher Waiting List”.

We are also doing a similar program for college students. If you would like to buy a subscription for a college student, you can do that by going to this page and ordering a gift subscription. We also offer free subscriptions to active military. Just e-mail for one of those.

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