A decade ago: Spending money to make money

It is late February and spring training games are about to begin. It is a wonderful time of the year, a time for “Player X is in the best shape of his life” stories and reports on bullpen sessions and rundown drills. And, most importantly, optimism reigns supreme in both Florida and Arizona.   At least, I suppose that is probably an accurate description of most Major League Baseball towns across America. In Pittsburgh, late...

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Would you promote Jose Tabata in June?

All off-season we heard about how Pedro Alvarez, Brad Lincoln, and Jose Tabata would likely be with the major league team in June 2010.  The only promotion from that group I was skeptical about was Tabata.  It’s not that I don’t like Tabata.  Actually, the opposite is true.  Tabata was my number two prospect in the system in my top 50 prospects list.  I was shocked when he missed the cut for the...

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The Pirates need a Joe Mauer

Anyone who has ever done a few fantasy baseball drafts with me, or who ever read my analysis when I was a fantasy baseball analyst, knows that there are certain players who I absolutely love.  In fact, I just completed a draft in which I couldn’t pass up my boy Chad Billingsley, even if it meant missing out on one of my favorite middle round outfielders this year in Jason Kubel. If I made a lineup of my favorite fantasy...

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