The Right Time to Spend

Dejan Kovacevic did an interview with Pittsburgh Pirates’ owner Bob Nutting, which was up on the Post-Gazette site yesterday.  In the interview, Kovacevic asked the following question about payroll, with the following response: Q: So, your expectation remains that, if this group becomes competitive, you will be able to someday spend at the level of the Brewers and Reds? A: I think that’s expected. I think it’s...

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Money, Money, Money

It seems like every conversation about the Pittsburgh Pirates these days involves the assumption that the Pirates’ owner Bob Nutting is rolling in the cheddar.  However, according to Frank Coonelly in the Post-Gazette article by Dejan Kovacevic today, the Pirates’ bottom line seems to be a little lactose intolerant. That brings up two things that always puzzled me.  First, I always thought lactose intolerant was...

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