Adam Hyzdu

Some great information became available yesterday, as Dan Szymborski (creator of the ZiPS projection system) posted his minor-league-to-major-league translations for every player season of the past 30 years. Dan works very hard to provide this type of information to the general public free of charge, so I would encourage you to follow the link and make some sort of monetary donation. Anyway, I wandered into the comments and found a...

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2009 Altoona Curve Season Recap

It’s a widely held belief that the Pittsburgh Pirates don’t have any prospects in the upper levels. That’s not exactly the case. The Pirates had five of their best prospects in Altoona at some point this season, although outside of those five, there was a huge lack of depth. Brad Lincoln started it all off, rebounding from a sub-par 2008 season, which was his first since returning from Tommy John surgery. Jose Tabata...

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Pedro Alvarez: Year One

This time last year Pedro Alvarez and his agent Lucifer Scott Boras filed a grievance against the Pirates, stating that Alvarez didn’t sign with the Pirates before the August 15th midnight deadline. A year later, after settling in late September, Alvarez is wrapping up a very successful start to his professional career. Alvarez didn’t exactly live up to the expectations for his first year, although the expectations may...

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