Draft Notes: Taillon, Kubitza, Maggi

Some afternoon draft notes, with the signing deadline two days away… -Chuck Finder reported this morning that Neil Huntington and Greg Smith would be meeting with The Hendricks Brothers to discuss Jameson Taillon.  I relayed a rumor from Taillon’s high school baseball league saying a deal is in place, although that came with a disclaimer that the rumor shouldn’t be viewed as totally accurate.  If they’re still...

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A Draft That Could Change a Franchise

If there’s one thing that I’m certain about, it’s that Neal Huntington and the Pirates’ management group know how to draft. In 2008 they landed Pedro Alvarez, which was a no-brainer decision, although we’ve seen those types of no-brainer decisions get passed up in previous years, so Alvarez was a refreshing change.  In 2009 they took an innovative approach, going against the consensus scouting...

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Pittsburgh Pirates Prospect Interviews

The complete archive of Pirates Prospects interviews by Pittsburgh Pirates prospects: Pirates Personnel Neal Huntington/Frank Coonelly Frank Coonelly Jim Benedict Part One Part Two Neal Huntington Part One Part Two Jeff Johnson Current Pirates Players Matt Benedict Victor Black Evan Chambers Tyler Cox Matt Curry Chase d’Arnaud Kawika Emsley-Pai Matt Hague Brock Holt Phillip Irwin Mike Jefferson Nick Kingham Chris Lashmet Brian...

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