Milwaukee Panty Bunching Company Unite

The Milwaukee Brewers are coming back in to town today, which not only means it’s time for the return of Dave Kerwin, but it’s also time for the return of Dave Kerwin gear. Since the Dave Kerwin incident, Milwaukee has had some more issues involving being hit by pitches, and crying like spoiled little girls. A few weeks ago Prince Fielder was hit by a pitch at the end of the Dodgers/Brewers game. Here is a video of Fielder...

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Get Your Dave Kerwin Gear

Get your Dave Kerwin gear in the B.U.C.C.O. store: Don’t Mess With Dave KerwinFRONT: DESIGN: Milwaukee Panty Bunching Company FRONT: BACK: Dave Kerwin FRONT: BACK: I found this code for $3 off. I’ve been told it works:...

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Oooh that Snell

If you asked Pirates fans of their opinion of Ian Snell following the 2007 season, you would probably hear an “oooh”. If you asked the same question following the 2008 season, you’d get a response similar to a Lynard Snynard song lyric: “Oooh that smell”. Snell broke out in 2007 with a 3.76 ERA and 177 strikeouts in 208 innings pitched. Heading in to the 2008 season he was looked at as the ace of the Pirates staff, with hopes of...

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