Pittsburgh Pirates Top 50 Prospects: 41-45

To cap off the end of the 2009 season, I’m going to be counting down my list of the top 50 prospects in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ system. This week I’ll be running through prospects 31-50 in groups of five, with one group a day. Starting next week I’ll be counting down one prospect per day, with an extensive recap on each player, until I reach number one. Check out the previous installments: 46-50 Here are...

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Positional Breakdowns: First Base

I always felt that Adam LaRoche got a bad rap while he was in Pittsburgh. Many players get criticized for being unpredictable. In LaRoche’s case, he was too predictable. LaRoche started out every season with a poor April, heated up in May and June, then caught fire from July to the end of the season. LaRoche is a career .274 hitter, and I’m sure if you go and look at the breakdown of most .270-.280 hitters, you’ll...

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2008 Draft Picks: The First Full Year

The 2008 draft marked the first draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates under Neal Huntington. Right from the start it represented a major change, with the Pirates selecting Pedro Alvarez with the number two pick in the draft. The selection would normally be considered a no-brainer, but for a team that selected Bryan Bullington over B.J. Upton, and Daniel Moskos over Matt Wieters, pretty much every Pirates fan was skeptical about whether the...

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