2010 Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Pick Signing Tracker

I will be keeping track of all of the draft pick signings over the summer, leading up to the August 16th deadline at midnight. Below are the players we drafted. To read about these players, check out my draft recaps: -Pirates Draft Jameson Taillon (Round 1) -Day Two (Rounds 2-30) -Day Three (Rounds 31-50) For signings information from every team, check out the MLB Draft Pick Signings Tracker. Signings News: -Pirates sign Kevin Decker...

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A Draft That Could Change a Franchise

If there’s one thing that I’m certain about, it’s that Neal Huntington and the Pirates’ management group know how to draft. In 2008 they landed Pedro Alvarez, which was a no-brainer decision, although we’ve seen those types of no-brainer decisions get passed up in previous years, so Alvarez was a refreshing change.  In 2009 they took an innovative approach, going against the consensus scouting...

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Bucs take Stetson Allie in second round

PNC ParkWow. Neal Huntington is going balls to the wall with this year’s draft. Allie is another high school pitcher who throws in the high 90′s. He is reportedly looking for a bonus in the $3 million range. In order to sign both Jameson Taillon and Allie, the Pirates will likely have to spend something like $9 million.

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