Twitter Updates For Day 2 of the Draft

My Day Two Draft Updates on Twitter (click the link below to see all updates): * Write up of day two will be up later at Right now I’m going to go murder the 5 for $5.95 menu at Arby’s about 3 hours ago * I love the day 2 results. Extremely heavy on pitching, especially HS guys. Would be huge if we signed a ton of these guys. about 3 hours ago * @coryh64 Would be a big steal if we can sign him....

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Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Database

In my attempt to build a draft database for the Pirates, I felt it was appropriate to date back to the last draft where the Pirates picked a Hall of Fame player. Unfortunately for me, that was the 1985 draft where they selected Barry Bonds in the first round. Even worse, the results since then have been depressing. If you ever had a doubt as to why the Pirates are in the mess they are in, take 15 minutes and check out this draft...

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