Know Your Enemy – Houston Astros

This is the first in a series of 5 articles that will try to get Pirate fans inside the organizations of the Pirates’ NL Central opponents. First up will be the Houston Astros. For the past few years, McLane has held steadfast to the premise that he could just reload and be right in the thick of the NL Central.

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Know Your Enemy – Introduction

A baseball team would be remiss to not know every intimate detail of their division opponents’ operations. Once you know your opponents strengths and weaknesses, both short and long-term, you can prepare your own team with a better certainty.

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Pittsburgh Pirates W/L Record History

NOTES: 1. I only went back to 1969 for these records. I may expand this further in the future, but this is a good start, since that was the mark of divisional play.2. MLB went from two divisions to three divisions starting in the 1994 season. The Pirates moved from the NL East to the NL Central.3. It’s probably no secret to visitors of this blog, but the Pirates are tied for the record of consecutive losing seasons in...

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