Historical Context For The Big Four

In the second half of the 2010 season, the Pirates offense was paced by Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, Jose Tabata and Pedro Alvarez. The success of these young players was encouraging for a franchise mired in a hopeless multi-decade stretch of losing baseball. Walker is the oldest of the quartet, and he did not turn 25 until September. All four finished the season with a Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA) above the league average mark....

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Andrew McCutchen Needs to be Extended

I’ve talked about the Andrew McCutchen extension topic pretty much ever since I started this site, but with the recent signing of Justin Upton, I felt the need to bring up the topic again.  I’ve always mentioned Evan Longoria and Ryan Braun as examples of what the Pirates should do with McCutchen.  Longoria was brought up in April 2008, and extended a week later in a deal that could keep him in Tampa Bay through...

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Milwaukee Panty Bunching Company Unite

The Milwaukee Brewers are coming back in to town today, which not only means it’s time for the return of Dave Kerwin, but it’s also time for the return of Dave Kerwin gear. Since the Dave Kerwin incident, Milwaukee has had some more issues involving being hit by pitches, and crying like spoiled little girls. A few weeks ago Prince Fielder was hit by a pitch at the end of the Dodgers/Brewers game. Here is a video of Fielder...

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