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    How Much Bargaining Power Does James Loney Have?

    Yesterday the Seattle Mariners added Corey Hart and Logan Morrison, then claimed they would use both first...

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    First Pitch: The Rays are the Model Team and Haven’t Won a World Series

    What Would the Rays Do? If you've read this site long enough, you will have seen that...

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    Hunter Pence and the 2008 Rays

    Remember back before the 2011 season started, when the Pittsburgh Pirates were coming off a 57-105 season, easily making them the worst team in the majors?  Remember when the debate was "will they lose 100 games again in 2011"?  Remember when the only sign of hope was "the 2008 Rays went from...

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    The More Important Topic That Coonelly Discussed

    A week ago we posted our interview with Frank Coonelly, discussing a wide variety of topics relating to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  However, it seems that only one topic received attention, and it wasn't even one of the interesting topics. The discussion about payroll and attendance has been repeated many times.  The comments...

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    Ryan Beckman On Today’s Game

    Beckman pitched 1.2 innings in today's Spring Training game. During today's Pirates spring opener versus the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Kevin Correia wasn't able to complete his schedule two innings due to reaching his pitch count. Prior to the game, Joe Beimel, who was scheduled to make his spring debut, felt...

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    No Bad Analogies Needed for Baseball Economics

    Let me tell you a little story about a friend I have.  This friend is a chef that owns his own restaurant.  Unfortunately he's not a very good chef, and for that reason, his business struggles.  Customers always ask him to improve his product, but he simply replies that those customers need...

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    The Rays Demonstrate What the Pirates Need to Achieve

    The Rays traded Garza to the Cubs in an eight player deal. The Tampa Bay Rays and the Pittsburgh Pirates don't share a lot of similarities these days.  The Rays broke out in 2008, and have been contending in the tough American League East ever since.  The Pirates, on the other hand,...

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    Random thoughts on a snow-covered Saturday

    As I went to bed last night, I had a couple of tentative ideas on how I...

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