Pirates Notebook: The myth of above slot signings

There seems to be a common misconception about signing players above slot. Every time I see someone talking about what it will take to sign our “signability” picks, it’s always the same talk: “With $4 M left to spend, we only have enough to sign 4-5 more picks.” “Zach Von Rosenberg and Billy Cain will probably cost us $3 M total.” “We really need to sign Parker Bangs and Zach Nuding to...

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Pirates sign Trent Stevenson

UPDATE 7:36 PM: According to Kiley McDaniel of Baseball Prospectus, the signing bonus for Stevenson is $350 K. That’s about the same as the slot figure for the 96th overall pick, in the middle of the third round. Just goes to show that not all above-slot signings require seven figures, or first/second round money. The Draft Pick Signing Tracker has been updated with the bonus figure. According to the Bucs Insider Twitter feed,...

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Suddenly the draft looks great

I don’t think you can be mad over the decision to take Tony Sanchez in the first round after seeing what we saw in day two. I agree that I don’t think Sanchez is the fourth best player in the draft, but consider this: 1. There weren’t many hitters worthy of a top pick.2. The only guys who were worthy of a top pick were pitchers, and most of them were asking for double or triple what we’ll give Sanchez.3. In...

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