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    Forbes Ranks Pirates 28th Most Valuable Franchise

    In a recent study by Forbes, the Pirates are ranked the 28th most valuable franchise in MLB.

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    Nutting on Local TV Revenue Escalation

    OK, I swear this is the last post/article I do on local TV revenue and its potential effect on the smaller TV markets in MLB.  Even though it is an issue bubbling under the surface that will have major impacts on the landscape for the next 5-10 years probably. Kristy Robinson interviewed...

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    TV Contracts — The Next Frontier of Revenue

    Over on the main site, I did an article in December about what the potential value of Pittsburgh's local TV contract could be, since it is undisclosed.  I came to the conclusion by using other known TV contracts that the Pirates' deal could be worth $16.5M to $23.5M per season to them. Joel Sherman...

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