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Minor League Additions

Happy New Year!
The winter leagues get a break for New Years' Eve and New Years Day, so we'll look at another player recently signed by the Pirates to a minor league contract.

OF Jeff Salazar

Welcome To Our (Temporary) New Home!

Welcome to the (temporary) new home of Sandlot Swashbucklers! Please join us as we follow the Pirates' minor leaguers on their way up the ladder to Pittsburgh. Sandlot Swashbucklers will be joining the Bloguin group, and our eventual home will be at: www.sandlotswashbucklers.com That transition is going to take a few more weeks, and I'll let you know when it's ready. Until then, we'll be right here!

Site Updates

Site Updates: Showing Appreciation For Teachers This Week

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We've done a lot of promotions for teachers in the...