Pirate Prospect #21 – Daniel Moskos

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Date of Birth: 4/28/1986

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 210 pounds

Bats/Throws: R/L

Position: P

Drafted: First Round, 2007 (Clemson University)

And we come to Daniel Moskos. You have to feel for this kid, as he was doomed from the beginning. Even if he were to go on to be a dominant starting pitcher for the Pirates, he would always be remembered as the guy we drafted instead of Matt Wieters. The selection of Moskos had far larger implications than simply being a poor pick, as it was a leading factor in the firing of Dave Littlefield. This was a significant first step in the revamping of the organization, one of the few positives of the Moskos selection. Amid the controversy, it’s easy to forget that there is still a player’s career at stake.

From Baseball America’s 2008 Prospect Handbook:

His fastball and slider are major league pitches, so Moskos will ride the fast track if he remains a reliever. He’ll likely open at high class A Lynchburg, and should reach the majors by no less than 2009.

Well, the Pirates tried Moskos in the rotation in 2008, he had little success and he will not see Pittsburgh in 2009. He struggled mightily, looking little like the pitcher described in the above excerpt. His mechanics were reportedly out of whack, and he was also said to be out of shape. There were whispers right after the draft that his maximum-effort delivery could be an indication that he had already peaked. That is looking more likely as his career progresses. He no longer displays the velocity on his fastball that he was said to possess in college. He is still young, and could rebound in 2009, but it appears that his ceiling is a solid reliever. That’s not exactly what the team needed from its first round draft pick. Thanks, Mr. Littlefield. And good luck, Mr. Moskos. You have a tough road ahead of you.

Expected arrival in Pittsburgh: 2012

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Price was the No.1 overall pick, you doofus! The Pirates never had a chance on him.


he’s gonna be known as the guy that we drafted instead of Matt lieters, and David Price

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