Downfall of the Fam-A-Lee Redux

I have been absent for almost a month. Gone and perhaps forgotten? Hopefully not. 2009 got off to a weird start as my family and I came home on the night of January 1, 2009 and found our house under some water. So, some new flooring and a burnt out furnace motor later, we finally have the house back together in time for March Madness and Spring Training. My apologies for the extra long delay.

In addition to the damage to my house, the workings of the MVN server also caught me off guard as a post I had been working on for nearly a year – the latest Downfall of the Fam-A-Lee series – was lost sometime over the holidays. This was more than a bit devastating as the draft was well over 10,000 words and, as I noted, I had been working on this – off-and-on – for the previous year. So, I’m forced to start from scratch.

The purpose of this series of posts was to point out the real reason(s) for the Pirates fall from dominance in the 1970s to the cellar by the mid 1980s. I went about this by examining each of the trades that shaped the 1979 team on a case by case basis. Then, starting with 1980, I examined the trades made in each season, up to 1985 (which was part 18).

So, while I get to work on re-writing part 18, here are the links to the first 17 installments with the exception of Part 1, which was the overview. Part 1 also seems to be missing.

Part 2 – Bert Blyleven and John Milner

Part 3 – Mike Easler

Part 4 – Tim Foli

Part 5 – Phil Garner

Part 6 – Grant Jackson

Part 7 – Bill Madlock and Dave Roberts

Part 8 – Bill Robinson

Part 9 – Enrique Romo

Part 10 – Jim Rooker

Part 11 – Manny Sanguillen

Part 12 – trades in which the Bucs lost players active in the mid-80s but didn’t acquire a member of the 1979 squad

Part 13 – Trades from the 1980 season

Part 14 – Trades from the 1981 season

Part 15 – Trades from the 1982 season

Part 16 – Trades from the 1983 season

Part 17 – Trades from the 1984 season

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