Time for Snell’s return?

About a month ago, I took a stab at exploring the mind of Ian Snell. I saw some parallels between his actions and my own personality, and tried to use those parallels to dissect the situation. Here is the final paragraph from that post:

More importantly, what does this mean for Snell’s future on the field? I think that if Snell can regain his confidence, we might see the same Ian that we saw in 2007. The Ian that welcomes all criticism and tries to defeat it between the lines. This may or may not make him a good pitcher again, but it can only help his mental state on the mound. Triple-A just might be the place for him to recapture that confidence.

We are at the point where Snell has regained his confidence. Heck, we may have been there after Snell’s first start at Triple-A, when he struck out 17 Mud Hens. He has thoroughly dominated the Triple-A level, striking out 43 while walking 12 and allowing only two earned runs in 32.1 innings. Clearly, he has major league ability that is simply too good for the International League. It is time for his return to Pittsburgh.

Obviously, it is impossible for me as a fan to properly gauge the relationship between Snell and Pirate management. Judging by the public bickering, it is very possible that the bond is broken beyond repair. Or maybe management simply needs to sit down with Snell and clear the air. Maybe Snell’s teammates in Pittsburgh should be involved in these discussions. Whatever it takes, it is time to work out any differences in a professional manner and get Snell back in Pittsburgh.

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