Crosby a poor signing for Pirates

The Pirates are expected to sign Bobby Crosby today to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million, as management wanted someone to compete with Ronny Cedeno at the shortstop position. This is a pretty foolish signing if you ask me. Crosby is essentially a replacement level player at this point. Cedeno is not a much better option, but I’m not sure adding another lousy shortstop is the solution.

The Pirates now have allocated upwards of $5 million on three replacement level middle infielders for the 2010 season. Ramon Vazquez is due $2 million. Now Crosby will earn $1.5 million. And Cedeno will likely earn over $1 million in his second year of arbitration. Cedeno still may have a smidgen of upside left, but someone making the league minimum, such as Brian Bixler or Luis Cruz, could probably replicate any production from Vazquez and/or Crosby.

It is a waste of resources, not to mention the fact that two light-hitting middle infielders are not needed on the bench. Unless Neal Huntington plans to somehow move Vazquez and his salary, this is a poor decision.




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