The NL Central

Dejan Kovacevic took a look at NL Central payrolls this morning. This is something that I have been contemplating a bit recently. If you look around the division, there are some encouraging signs for Pirate fans.

    The Cubs owe Alfonso Soriano $18 million per year through 2014. Last year, Soriano hit .241/.303/.423 while playing a lousy left field, a performance that left him well below replacement level. They can probably afford this contract albatross, but it surely does not help.
    Matt Holliday is unlikely to fall off as abruptly as it seems Soriano has, but he just signed a pretty large contract for a team that generally boasts a payroll that is only a bit above average. With Albert Pujols eligible for free agency after the 2011 season, I would be wary of committing a large amount of money to a 30-year-old corner outfielder.

None of these concerns will necessarily doom the respective team. But as a Pirate fan, they certainly bring a smile to my face.





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Dan M.

Thankyou for an enligtened look at some real thoughts concerning division obsticles. It’s a little more refreshing than listening to the same bundle of ‘Large stick slapping trout fishermen’ sound off about the inadequacies of Frank, Neil, John Russell, and ever player we do and don’t get.
There is a perspective to view in every approach to the Pirates reacclaimation as a contender, and past failures have slowed it down, but a dedicated owner, manager, and FANS can keep a life and proper attitude in the game we watch and the players we come to love. Faith is always the key!

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