Draft signing deadline

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All parties involved seem optimistic about the Pirates’ chances of signing both Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie before tonight’s midnight deadline. There are also a few other players who may sign before the day is over. I will not be around much until this evening, but I will try to check in sporadically and post updates here.

UPDATE (12:00 PM): It has been very quiet so far this morning, with almost no new information surfacing. Keep an eye on Twitter for more up-to-the-second news. You can follow me here. Also check out this list of Pirates-related Twitter feeds, courtesy of Raise the Jolly Roger.

UPDATE (12:45 PM): Nothing new here, but Kendall Rogers of Yahoo! Sports recently tweeted the following:

#Rice obviously will lose 1st rounder James Taillion (Pirates) and 5th rdr Dickie Thon (Toronto) …. #mlbdraft

#Rice has its eye on signee Austin Kubitza, a 7th rdr drafted by #Pirates. All indications still point toward him to not signing. #mlbdraft

UPDATE (2:30 PM): Another note from Rogers:

Someone just asked me. I’d be very very surprised if UCLA signee Zach Weiss, a 10th-rdr to the #Pirates signs later today. #mlbdraft

UPDATE (5:15 PM): Cleveland Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes just tweeted that the Pirates have signed Stetson Allie.

#Pirates, according to sources, have signed St. Ed’s pitcher Stetson Allie. He was their second round pick in June.

St. Ed’s battery of Stetson Allie and Alex Lavisky haved signed with the #Pirates and #Indians, respectively.

UPDATE (5:25 PM): The Arizona Republic is reporting that 15th round pick Drew Maggi has officially signed.

UPDATE (7:35 PM): Catching up a bit, after a couple hours away from the computer. Drew Maggi signed for $468,000. According to several sources, Allie and the Pirates have reached an agreement, with a few details remaining to sort through. There are no bonus details, but Aaron Fitt of Baseball America tweets that the Pirates supposedly “met his number.” By the way, the draft tracker has been updated to reflect what we know as of now.

UPDATE (7:50 PM): Chuck Finder reports the Jared Lakind deal, which was originally reported last week, is finally official. He does not provide any additional details, though.

UPDATE (9:26 PM): The Pirates have made the Stetson Allie signing official.

UPDATE (9:40 PM): Jen Langosch confirms the Taillon signing. An official announcement should be coming soon.

UPDATE (10:43 PM): According to Jon Heyman, Taillon will receive a bonus of just over $5 million. Paul Hoynes reports Allie’s bonus at $2.25 million. Also, Tim Williams confirms that Jason Hursh is out of the picture.

UPDATE (12:01 AM): The Pirates officially announce the Taillon signing, finally, at 12:01 AM.

#Pirates sign 1st round draft pick RHP Jameson Taillon, rated as best pitcher available in the 2010 Draft.Tue Aug 17 04:01:21 via web

UPDATE (12:28 AM): Per Jen Langosch, Neal Huntington said the Pirates committed approximately $12 million to the draft. Not including Taillon and Allie, the team spent approximately $3 million. With Allie receiving $2.25 million, that means Taillon received around $6.5 million. Or my math is wrong, which is a definite possibility at this point. Rocco DeMaro adds that both Taillon and Allie were signed to minor league contracts. That is a very nice bonus.

UPDATE (12:30 AM): Also from DeMaro, Taillon and Allie will see their first action in Instructional ball.


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