Evening reading, 9/16/2010


Thinking about Neil Walker

Minor League Ball
John Sickels

I’m interested in the observations of Pirates fans or others who have seen him play this year. Is he getting lucky, or has he made genuine progress? I don’t know, and I’d like to see what others think.


McDonald pitching like an ace for Pittsburgh

Jack Moore

All of that talent, however, is in the form of position players, and that, at least partially, explains why the Pirates have allowed 766 runs, the most in the league. Now, in the form of James McDonald, the Pirates finally have a pitcher who at least looks the part of an ace.


35 years ago today (9/16/75)

The Hardball Times
Chris Jaffe

Thirty-five years ago today on September 16, 1975, one of the most one-sided baseball games in history took place in Wrigley Field. As you can probably guess by that opening sentence, the Cubs were on the receiving end of the epic butt kicking as the Pittsburgh Pirates mauled them 22-0.


War of WARs

The Book
Tom Tango

And that’s where we are: the WAR framework. The WAR framework is about offense compared to average, fielding compared to positional average, a positional adjustment without relying on the offense for that position, a playing time value (replacement level); on the pitching side, different baselines for starters and relievers (a concept first introduced by Woolner); a league adjustment.



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