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If you have a few minutes to spare, please complete a Pirates entry for Tom Tango’s Fans Scouting Report. This is a very helpful tool, but it only works with a large sample of evaluations. I believe the Pirates are generally one of the least represented teams and, while they are in the middle of the pack so far this year, every additional opinion helps. Please take a few minutes and contribute some of your Pirates expertise.

Baseball’s fans are very perceptive. Take a large group of them, and they can pick out the final standings with the best of them. They can forecast the performance of players as well as those guys with rather sophisticated forecasting engines. Bill James, in one of his later Abstracts, had the fans vote in for the ranking of the best to worst players by position. And they did a darn good job.

What I would like to do now is tap that pool of talent. I want you to tell me what your eyes see. I want you to tell me how good or bad a fielder is. Go down, and start selecting the team(s) that you watch all the time. For any player that you’ve seen play in at least 10 games in 2010, I want you to judge his performance in 7 specific fielding categories.

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I have a hard time believing you wrote this with a straight face. Or if you did write it with serious intent, I have a hard time believing anyone takes you all that seriously.

Tim Williams

Excellent counter analysis.


Credit the FO with a fine pitching staff. The hitters that have been acquired for 2012 have been awful.
McLouth – terrible and gone
Barmes has a .536 OPS thus far. Pre-ASG numbers in 2011 for Cedeno and Wood were .657 and .607
Barajas has a .659 OPS. Pre-ASG numbers for Snyder and Doumit were .772 and .774.
McGehee has .686 while playing primarily first base. Pre-ASG Jones was .768 in 2011 (.755 in 2012) and Pearce was .721.
Offensively, this team downgraded at four positions – 4th OF, SS, C and 1B.

Tim Williams

I agree with most of that. The one exception is that Barajas doesn’t have the offense of Doumit/Snyder, but his defense has been much better, which I’ll take.

But I think you’re missing the key word in this article: Lately. I was pointing out that in June, these guys haven’t been that bad. Nothing beyond that.

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