Evening Reading, 10/11/2010


The Simpsons Baseball Edition

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Joe Posnanski

Got to do something fun Sunday night: Went to Bill James’ house to watch The Simpsons. I do realize that under normal circumstances this might not sound especially riveting. But Sunday night, the Simpsons episode was called, “Moneybart,” and the plot revolved around the ongoing fight between statistics and tradition in the game. And Bill had a line.


Did Cox make the right decisions in game 3?

The Book

If you are a Braves fan, you are justifiably emotional about last night’s game.

Here are the 3 major criticisms I have read:

1) Not pulling Conrad for Diory Hernandez in the 9th, for defensive purposes.

2) Kimbrel throwing a slider to Sanchez on the 1-2 count.

3) Choosing to bring in Dunn, the lefty reliever, to pitch to Huff, who has a higher BA against lefties this year.


2010 Disabled List Spreadsheet and Team Information

Jeff Zimmerman

I have finally gone through the MLB transaction data and have compiled a spreadsheet of the all of the trips to and from the disabled list for the 2010 season. Feel free to download the data and use it as you see fit. If you use the data in your own article/research there is no need to reference my work since the data can be obtained freely. I am just wanting to make it available for people to use. If you do plan on using it, here is an explanation and limitation of the data.





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