Diaz vs. Ciriaco: A battle for the ages

Argenis Diaz and Pedro Ciriaco are two very similar players on the Pirates 40-man roster. Both are shortstops. Both have been praised for their defensive abilities. And neither are very good at hitting baseballs.

Ciriaco is currently playing in the Dominican Winter League (DWL), while Diaz is toiling in the Venezuelan Winter League (VZL). With Jason Jaramillo tearing up the DWL to the tune of a .549 OPS, it has come down to Ciriaco and Diaz for the title of Worst Hitter on the 40-Man. Let’s see how they’re doing.

Pedro Ciriaco 43 .186 .186 .256 .442
Argenis Diaz 36 .194 .250 .194 .444

Let the nail-biting commence…

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