2010/2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Off-Season Tracker

The Off-Season tracker will keep a list of all of the additions the Pittsburgh Pirates have made during the 2010/2011 off-season.

The 2011 Proj. Role is the projected role for the player in question, according to the opinion of this web site.

The 2011 salary is the major league salary. Official salaries are in bold. ¬†Salaries in italics are only if the player makes the active roster. ¬†Salary totals don’t include potential performance bonuses.

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Another eventful day in Pirates’ history. Thanks again! I still can’t believe that the Pirates allowed themselves to get into a place where they had to dump Ramirez’s salary. I also can’t believe that MLB would LET them move their only good young player for financial reasons. But hats off to Heine Meine for holding the Phils to one run in Baker Bowl. It’s amazing how much baseball changed between 1930 and 1932 (and nothing reflects that more than the record of Phillie pitching during that era).


You’re welcome! In thirty years of rooting for the Pirates, no single event has made me want to turn in my fan card more than the Ramirez deal. I was at a concert and saw details of the trade flash on television, and I hoped that it was just a rumor.

As for 1930, looking through the game results is pretty unreal: several football scores like 16-15 and 19-14, surrounded by many 12-8s and 10-8s.

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