Matt Diaz Signing Official and Contract Details

The Pirates made the Diaz signing official.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made the Matt Diaz signing official, inking the outfielder to a two-year deal.  We learned Diaz’s role in 2011 after the Lyle Overbay signing earlier today, as he will be platooning in right field with Garrett Jones.  That’s a good combination, as Diaz is a career .335/.373/.533 hitter against left handers, while Jones is a career .282/.359/.495 hitter against right handers.

Diaz will receive $4.25 M for his two year deal, although we don’t know the breakdown yet.  My guess is that it will be $2 M a year, with a $250 K signing bonus.

The additions of Diaz and Overbay put the 40-man roster at 40 players.  The Kevin Correia signing still has to be made official, and to do that, the Pirates need to clear a space on the 40-man roster, which could lead to a Ryan Doumit trade.

UPDATE 8:03 PM: Jennifer Langosch has the contract details.  As expected, the deal is for $2 M a year, with a $250 K signing bonus.  There are also performance bonuses.  Diaz can earn:

-$25,000 each for 300, 325, 350, 375, and 400 plate appearances.  Diaz has topped 300 plate appearances on three occasions (2006, 2007, 2009), has topped 375 twice (2007, 2009), and topped 400 in 2009.  A repeat of his 2009 season would earn him an additional $1.25 M.

-$150,000 for winning the MVP Award ($100,000 for finishing second in the voting, $75,000 for finishing third), $25,000 for winning the World Series MVP, $25,000 for winning the League Championship Series MVP, $25,000 for winning the Division Series MVP, $25,000 for winning a Gold Glove Award, $25,000 for an All-Star appearance, and $50,000 for a Silver Slugger Award.

-The club also can’t offer salary arbitration to Diaz following the 2012 season if he is eligible as a Type A free agent.  Diaz currently ranks as a Type B player.

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IC Bob

Marte goes 3 for 5 tonight so his slump turns into Presley’s and Tabata’s season average. The difference is better defense, more speed and more power. We can all selectively look at Marte and make our decisions based on that but I like to go by what the players who play with him say. To a man everyone interviewed on Indy says he will be a star when he hits the big leagues. Lets make it sooner then later.


I think he might be being pitched around and he’s driving the few pitches he’s getting that are hittable (I haven’t seen any of his ABs, so this is conjecture). If this is the case, you have to decide if there’s any point for him to still be in AAA or if it’s a good opportunity to learn patience.

Andrew Scott

I agree there’s no need to rush Marte. How many more wins is he actually going to be worth if we called him up right now? I think he needs to continue to work on his approach in the minors. Also, great explanation on the service time.


I’m just confused how calling up Marte will effect his service time, and how long we keep him eventually and all that.


The short answer is that calling him up now won’t affect his service time.

Service time (“the clock”) starts whenever a player is on the 25-man major league roster. If you look on Cot’s Contracts at all, you will see the odd nomenclature like 2.145, for example. A year in the majors is 180 days (+/-). A year of service is considered to be 172 days. So if the example above, the hypothetical player has 2 years, 145 days of service. He needs 35 more for a 3rd year.

The Super 2 determination, in past years at least, was around 130 days of service. So in the past, if a player was 2.135, he was probably going to get 4 cracks at arbitration. Now the new CBA has different regulations and it’s a little up in the air right now.

A player is not a free agent until he has completed 6 years of service to his team. So if a player started 2012 with 5.150, that team gets a “bonus” year out of him this year, as he has already given them 5 full years and nearly a 6th (just 30 days short), but he fell short and is not a free agent.

That’s why manipulating when a player gets called up is done sometimes. But it doesn’t apply to Marte here. There’s no real good reason that I can see why he wouldn’t be an upgrade.


What’s that, again, Kevin? Who is Cot, and with whom does he have a contract? How about, SPECIFICALLY, the Marte example?

Lee Young

NorCal….I think he’s talking about this guy:

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