Only Bucs Top 30 Pirates Prospect Voting – Monday 12/13/10

For the 3rd year, Only Bucs will be running a series of polls to vote on the Top 30 Pirates Prospects.  The voting starts Monday, December 13th, 2010 and will continue with a new poll every 2 days.

A list of 20-25 players will be presented for each poll.  Once a player is the top vote getter for a particular poll, his place is set and his name is removed from subsequent polls.  New players will be added in as other players are voted to the list.  Each poll will have a discussion thread set up for members to debate the merits of their choices.

Check it out for some lively debate and to take part in the process.

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Isn’t the fact that the 20-25 players are pre-designated sort of guiding the discourse a little? I realize its a decision based in practicality but what if the fanbase really, really likes Quincy Lattimore a whole lot better than you do and you don’t include his name until the 18th slot and his status is affected? Not a wholly democratic poll, in that case, no?

Not that I mind, really … just wanted to put it out there.

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