Baseball America 2011 Top 10 Prospects

Taillon is the number one prospect for the Pirates, and the projected number one starter in 2014.

Baseball America released their 2011 top 10 prospects for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which was compiled by Dejan Kovacevic.  The rankings can be found here, and for BA subscribers, you can read scouting reports on each player here.

The top prospect isn’t a surprise, with Jameson Taillon taking the honors.  Tony Sanchez follows Taillon in second place, followed by Stetson Allie and Starling Marte.  Luis Heredia rounds out the top five, putting the three highly touted pitching prospects from the 2010 draft/international class all in the top five.

The 2010 Altoona pitchers come next, with Bryan Morris, Rudy Owens, and Jeff Locke in order in the 6-8 spots.  Zack Von Rosenberg follows that group at number nine, and Chase D’Arnaud finishes off the list at number ten.

BA also has a projected 2014 lineup, which includes Tony Sanchez at catcher, Andrew Lambo at first base, Chase D’Arnaud at shortstop, and Starling Marte in center field.  The lineup, which includes Neil Walker at second, Pedro Alvarez at third, Andrew McCutchen in left, and Jose Tabata in right, is almost identical to the one I have.  The exception is that I have Alvarez at first, with Jarek Cunningham at third, although I think each lineup will eventually include Alvarez at first, and Anthony Rendon at third.

The pitchers in that group are interesting.  Taillon is listed as the number one starter, and it’s not a stretch to assume he will be in the majors by 2014.  James McDonald is listed as the number two starter, which I like, as I’m a fan of his abilities.  Following those two are Luis Heredia, Bryan Morris, and Rudy Owens, with Stetson Allie as the closer.  I think Taillon could make it to the majors by the 2014 season, although I doubt Allie would be there (unless they make a quick switch to the bullpen), and I definitely don’t think Heredia will be there at the age of 19, turning 20 during the season.

Six of the ten spots match the 2011 Pirates Prospects rankings, and the only player on the Baseball America list that isn’t in the Pirates Prospects top 10 is D’Arnaud.

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Dan Zalisnock

Wandy has pitched solid since we got him. He is an established veteran with a good track record. he is a well known name in major league baseball. I’m tired of everyone whining because we got rid of a prospect or 2. You have to deal prospects to get good veteran help down the stretch in a pennant race. Wandy has one of the nastiest curves in baseball and hasn’t had en ERA over 3.60 since 2007. Grossman was going to be a bench player at best, Owens a 5th rotation guy at best, and Cain might not ever make it past bullpen. Being obsessed with prospects in unhealthy.

Ben Hohlfelder

i think that nh slightly overvalued wandy due to his years of control…am i more comfortable with wandy than locke this year? yes but the years of control may be less meaningful, especially if wandys (age 33) velocity and k rate continue to drop. While the 8mil salary is an issue, the salary issues should and can be dealt with in the offseason by declining barajas option and hopefully trading hanrahan for a bat

Lee Young

After arguing about this all morn, I have beaten to death that I only liked the Snider deal. So as someone said below, the trades have been made, so it is time I got over it.

Let’s GO BUCS!


I think the Wandy trade should be analyzed after every inning he pitches. Two games is too large of a sample size.

Lee Young


Todd Smith

Oh, good! It’s the latest edition of Drama Queen Theater!

Lee Young

we’re guys…it’s Drama King Theater!!!


Todd Smith

Grossman only went 1 for 4 last night. Clearly,this trade was a huge win for the Pirates.

VRR Cards

Yea but if Grossman goes 4 for 4 today the trade will be a failure.

James Vargo

Also, with Polanco and Bell, Grossman would probably been another stopgap like Pressley. And why was Ludwick written off as a BIG bust after only 112 AB last year? He wanted to resign with us, I thought. I honest to goodness, wanted us to resign him last winter…..just sayin’ — talking about track records.

James Vargo

Everyone is neglecting the fact that we can’t HIT! The Cutch/Alvarez powerslump rollercoaster drives me nuts. Could have used a resurgence last night. Please, prove me wrong tonight, guys…

Lee Young

I think we fall somewhere in between our HR bashing ways and our April/May funk.

Alvarez is streaky….he’ll start bombing again soon.


I thought Wandy pitched pretty well. In any case, what is the point of revisiting the trade after two starts? Let’s see where Wandy, Locke and Grossman are at around this time next year – we’ll have a much better idea of whether the Pirates made a good move or not then.


At some point, either next year or later this year, Wandy and Locke will be in the Pirates rotation, so it’s not like it’s an either/or situation with those two guys.

The real question is what does Grossman become, and we won’t know that for another couple years at least.

And again, revisiting the deal after every start by Wandy or Locke oesn’t seem very analytical. Step back a bit, give the players some time to put up some statistiically meaningful performances, then reevaluate.

VRR Cards

Does that mean if Locke got shelled there would be no article?

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

Locke instead of Wandy for a team in a pennant race? No. If Locke fails the team is screwed. No wait! They could try Rudy Owens! If he fails? How many starts do you give these AAA pitchers before you pull the plug? How much time do yu have to mess around with it? If you have to pull the plug what is your option? You’re not gonna see a good starter pass thru waivers. The trade for Wandy did two things. 1. It gave the Pirates a solid left handed starter to stabilize the rotation. He’s been consistently good and it’s highly unlikely that that will change. 2. He gives the team a needed starter for next year and possibly 2014. they need him to go with AJ, JMac, Karstens and possibly Locke next year.


This is easily the most trigger-happy and emotional I’ve ever seen you write. You waited a whole two starts to criticize Wandy when you know better than all of us that it takes years to truly determine if a trade was appropriate.
We thought we won the Bay trade two weeks after it happened and wanted to crucify Neal initially for the McClouth trade.

Unless…. this is a blatant attempt to stir the populous and draw attention to the website; then Bravo, you’ve succeeded.

Lee Young

Do you think Locke, Owens or even KC could pitch better than the 5.45 ERA Wandy has put up the last 2 months or so? I do. So does Tim.

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

By that logic, you’re probably ready to send JMac to the minors. After all, he has an 8.71 era over the last month. Would the players you mentioned pitch better than that 5.45 era? I don’t know. I know that Wandy did last night and he’s been better over his last two starts.

Lee Young

JMac ain’t 33 yrs old.

I hope Wandy does well AND proves me wrong. I AM a Bucco fan. I just think that last night was as good as he’s gonna get. And the Reds had their 3 best hitters OUT of the lineup.

I’d still rather have Grossman than Rodriguez.


Lee Young

Tim….my sentiments exactly! It is a VERY unpopular opinion tho. I’ve been getting ‘down arrows’ when I mention that….lol

I thought Grossman had the potential to be a Lenny Dysktra type.

I didn’t want Wandy BEFORE the trade. He had a 5,45 ERA since mid-May. Yes, he was pitching in a bandbox, but his HOME ERA was 1 run better.

Dumb Deal, imho!


Locke has every opportunity to crack the 2013 rotation and stay there. The chances 1 of J-Mac, Karstens, Wandy, and Burnett getting injured for an extended period of time are really high. He has certainly earned it and would be pitching for the Pirates right now if not for the fact they’re fighting for a playoff spot.


Q: Mistake?
A: Overpay. Salary and prospects. Astros couldn’t find a taker for over a year. With all the PR from the F.O. about young pitching, the Pirates now start 2 33 y.o. and a 35 y.o. Not that I’d be willing to give the 35 y.o. back to the Millionaires club.
Q: Qualls=mistake #2 ?
A RP facing DFA for a 1B/3B whose a desirable fill-in for 2 injured players?

Lee Young

Don’t forget about getting a 1bman who had hit .225 the 2nd half of last year and was hitting so poorly that the Marlins sent him to AAA AND traded for Carlos Lee.

Not sure why we wanted that.


We wanted that because the Snider trade made us very LH and Gaby can hit LHP while McGehee can’t.

The Qualls trade was two guys about to be dfa’d for each other, no loss there.

Lee Young

Gaby USED to be able to hit LHPs. From the All Star break last year to before got sent down, his average is WORSE than Casey’s vs LHP.

But then, you knew that, right?
Let me repeat: The Marlins preferred Carlos Lee over Gaby!!!

I love Neal, but he traded for PAST performance vs current performance.

Two years ago, these would’ve been steals. Now, we’ve been stolen from.


Todd Brown10

You seem well versed in the art of using arbitrary endpoints to advance your arguments. The fact of the matter is we have a large amount of data that shows Gaby Sanchez to be a superior hitter against LHP; we don’t have enough data to conclude that he USED to be a superior hitter against LHP. The statistics you cite COULD mean something has materially changed with Sanchez and he is no longer the hitter he used to be. They could just as easily be noise in a sea of data. Time will tell.

Lee Young

(time will tell) You are correct….I think what irked me is that these two guys were being mentioned prior to the trade deadlines and I posted that I didn’t want them. I thought their best days were behind them.

But, now we have them, so it is time, as I posted above, for me to get over it.

Like you said, time will tell, and as a Bucco fan, I hope I am proven wrong big time. Right now, all any of us have are opinions.


…and then the Fish spent the last week trying to GIVE El Caballo AWAY.

Lee Young

The point is, they thought a washed up Lee was better than Gaby.

VRR Cards

And where have the Marlins astute evaluations gotten them this year?


No, the point is that THEY WERE WRONG. CLee is not better than Gaby.

Teams make bad decisions / wrong evaluations alla time.

Lee Young

Then why did they trade Gaby? Perhaps they didn’t want to bring him up?

Lee Young

And he was LOW….

Did they really buy him low? It cost us a comp pick and more importantly the $$$. If we had had that extra pick THIS year, we could’ve drafted a HS senior and Mark Appel might be a Bucco farmhand.


Lee Young

Tim….but what I am saying is: They may not have wanted the player (and #33 picks don’t have an impressive history), but if they HAD had that pick this year, they could’ve drafted a College (not HS) and used that towards Appel.

AND, if Appel falls again and he consents to us drafting him again, we may rue losing that money?

Lee Young

Good point on ‘booting’ the comp pick.

Like I said above….I need to get over this.



bettter than 3 years ago for sure


I think Lambo really is a wildcard in all this. If he canrealize his power potential he could become a fixture in RF. Also I really don’t see the OF of Cutch, Tabata, and Marte happening. One of them will be moved to add either a major piece to MLB club or some high end spects to replenish the system.

Could see a lineup of Tabata, Marte, Rendon, Alvarez, Lambo, walker, Sanchez, and D’Arnaud(even though I think they might try to fill SS from outside, maybe dealing Chase+ for high upside starter)

Id replace Heredia with Locke or some pitching from outside. Hold off on Allie as closer and replace with Moreno or maybe something crazy like Morton or Hart. Definitely. A LOT

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