Pirates Sign Jose Veras

The Pirates have signed Veras to a minor league deal.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed relief pitcher Jose Veras to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training, according to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes (link in Spanish).  If Veras makes the majors, he will receive a $1 M salary, with $500 K in possible incentives.  He will make $15,000 a month in the minors, which amounts to about $100 K over the course of the season.

Veras is 6′ 6″, 235 pounds, and has pitched 176.1 innings in the majors.  He has a 4.24 ERA, with a strong 8.7 K/9 ratio, although he’s struggled with control, with a 5.0 BB/9 ratio.  In 2010 he pitched 48 innings in the Florida Marlins’ bullpen, with a 3.75 ERA, a 10.1 K/9, and a 5.4 BB/9 ratio.  Despite the walks, Veras manages to put up good numbers, thanks to a low OBA, with a career .220 mark, and a .191 in 2010.  He is a hard thrower, with a fastball that averaged 94.3 MPH in 2010.

Veras 3.127 years of service time.  He was non-tendered by Florida on December 2nd, as he would have been eligible for arbitration, which likely would have put him in the $1 M range.  If he makes it to the majors in 2011, he would have at least three years of control with the Pirates, including the 2011 season.  It’s unlikely that he fixes his control issues at this point in his career, although he would be a strong middle reliever if he maintains his low OBA.




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Demonio Red

Demonio Red • a few seconds ago

Liar. “Actually in the last ten games, both have started five games. If you
included today’s game, Barajas has started 6 of the last 11. If you go
back to the prervious 12, Barajas has started 7.”

Penguin owns you.

Demonio Red

“Actually in the last ten games, both have started five games. If you
included today’s game, Barajas has started 6 of the last 11. If you go
back to the prervious 12, Barajas has started 7.” Liar.

Penguin owns you.

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

Great to see The Fort doing so well. Great guy and a hard worker. Reminds me a little of Mike Lavalliere, maybe because he’s not very big.


Starling Marte= Jose Tabata
Travis Snider= Brandon Moss
McKenry= The Answer


MERCER should be starting every day as well.


thank you and Good article.

Offensively, of course YES.
Still I would have liked included in this article comparisons on their defensive #s, though both i believe are below average.
Both seem OK in blocking the plate and bad pitches.
Why are both their arms so bad at throwing base stealers out? Are our pitchers just that bad at holding runners?
Both seem to be below average in pitch framing skills, but would have liked to see some info on that as well.
Pitch calling is over-rated, but just curious the #s for the pitchers when either catcher starts.

Demonio Red

When the difference in the offensive numbers is THAT vast then you don’t bother looking at defensive numbers. You really don’t.

The Pirates give up 6 to 8 outs almost every night Barajas and Barmes start together. If you’re buying the argument about their defense then you’re drinking the P.R. Kool Aid.


I think the term starting catcher needs to be defined here. McKenry is not the type of player who should be a traditional starting catcher. Those are a rare breed right now. Only 6 players have starter 80+ games at catcher this season. McKenry has however earned the large half of the time share.

Lee Young

The answer to the headline question should be an emphatic YES, its about time!!

Rod will make a wonderful backup! lol

Demonio Red

Rod would make a wonderful janitor.

John DiVito

I doubt he keeps up the pace he is on now. But if he can hit .250 with decent power and maintain his defense he will be better than 70% of the catchers in the league!

John Lease

McKenry has earned it, that’s for sure.

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