Anthony Rendon Tracker

3B, Rice University
Age: 21
Born: June 6, 1990
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 190
Bats: Right
Throws: Right 

Class: Junior
Level: NCAA

Advisor: Scott Boras


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Rendon, like Pedro Alvarez, is a third baseman who can move quickly through the system, potentially arriving as early as June 2013. He’s also a potential star, drawing comparisons to Ryan Zimmerman and Evan Longoria.Rendon is coming off a sophomore season where he hit for a .394/.539/.801 line and 26 homers in 226 at-bats for Rice. That was enough to earn him the Baseball America Player of the Year award, an award which he is the favorite to win again in 2011.

Despite his strong hitting skills and his favorable comparisons, there is one big question about Rendon. He suffered a major ankle injury in 2010, which is the second such injury in his young career. His recovery has gone well, and he is fully cleared for baseball action for the 2011 season. If he remains healthy, Rendon would be the easy choice for the Pirates.

The selection of Rendon would be a big addition for the Pirates. The farm system is thin on power hitting prospects, and the addition of Rendon could eventually provide a strong middle of the batting order when paired with Pedro Alvarez. Rendon could also move Alvarez over to first base, assuming Alvarez is still at third base when Rendon arrives.


2008: Selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 27th round, 820th overall.
Baseball America: #1 (2/3/2011)
Jonathan Mayo: #1 (10/25/2010)
Perfect Game: #1 (1/15/2011)

  • I fear the FO will be reluctant to call up a score of players, especially pitchers, as long as Indy is in the playoff race.

  • I’m sorry Tim, but KC is the least of our starting pitching problems. At least (when he was starting regularly) he consistently kept us in the game. Of Bedard’s last 8 starts, FIVE have been ‘rough’. He is lately alternating between ‘good’ Bedard and ‘bad’ Bedard.

    I’d like to see Locke in the rotation for Bedard and make Leroux the long man.

    I have NEVER been a Watson fan. Bring Wilson up and hopefully he’ll minimize his wild outings, a la Mike Gonzalez when he had him.

  • Watched AR last night. Nice, quick bat.

  • Tim,
    Do you think it is the new bats, the pitching around, or the injuries that seem to have zapped some of his power?

    For me, if I had to rak them it would be pitching around, bats, injuries which looking at it from a Pirates perspective means no worries, decent worry, big worry,

    Stil, whith how Cole is being overused, I’d still take Rendon

  • Tim, I was wondering about the timeline for Rendon. I’ve read from some scouts who say he could contribute right away. I was wondering if possibly June 2012 as opposed to your June 2013 date. Also, can your book be purchased at a book store, or just direct from this site. Thanks!

    • I’m assuming he doesn’t play at all in 2011, which isn’t a big assumption, since he probably won’t sign until the deadline.

      In order to be up by June 2012, he would have to start in AA or higher, and spend just two months in the minors. I really don’t see that happening. I see him following the same path as Alvarez, and a lot of other top college hitters, going the A+/AA route in the first year, and AAA/MLB route the second year.

      As for the book, right now it is only sold through the site.