The Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament

The first round of The Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament begins today over at Sean’s Ramblings.  Yesterday they did their selection show, announcing all 16 participants.  Pirates Prospects drew a #3 seed in the Johnny Ray division, going up against Nice Pick Cowher in the first round.

Last year the site had an early exit, getting a number eight seed, and going up against a Penn State blog that was a number one seed.  The short lived run in the tournament was fun, and despite losing in the first round the site finished with the second most votes in the entire round.  This year I’m hoping we can advance further in the tournament, and possibly even win the whole thing.

You can vote for Pirates Prospects by going here.  Voting lasts until 8:00 PM on Wednesday night.  I ask that you only vote once, to keep things fair.  Also, send in your votes for the other match-ups that are taking place (all of the voting takes place on the same page).