Pedro Ciriaco Recalled

Ciriaco has been recalled to the majors.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are set to recall shortstop Pedro Ciriaco, according to Jenifer Langosch.  It would be assumed that Ciriaco is getting recalled to replace someone going on the disabled list, and Langosch speculates that the someone in this case would be Pedro Alvarez.

If it does end up being Alvarez, it would be likely that Brandon Wood would see extra playing time, filling in for Alvarez at third base.  Steve Pearce has also taken some time at third base, and could fill in for Alvarez.  Defensively, Wood is the better of the two, although neither have been inspiring on offense.  Then again, neither has Alvarez this season, so the overall effect, if Alvarez goes on the DL, shouldn’t be a huge blow to the Pirates.

  • For the life of me I don’t see why Ciriaco was recalled over Josh Harrison. He’s hitting 150 points higher and even if Wood and Cedeno both start and Cedeno has to leave the game Harrion can come in to play 3rd.  With space on the 40 man roster the Bucs would only need to add Harrison to the list. To me Ciriaco adds nothing. 

    • 100% agree, y not give Harrison a chance or how about
      chase??  Move makes no sense other then he can Pitch Run for someone 

    • I agree as well. Harrison is said to be a possible future bench player and with the way he is hitting in AAA  now seems like a logical time to try him in that role.