Pirates Promote Three to Indianapolis

After hitting for a .345 average in 113 at-bats, Fryer has been promoted to AAA.

A ton of transactions taking place on Memorial Day.  Last night we heard that Ryan Doumit and Steve Pearce are likely to go on the disabled list today.  Josh Harrison is getting the call to the majors, as I mentioned last night, and Dusty Brown is expected to be the other player promoted, to replace Doumit.  Earlier today we reported that Matt Curry has been promoted from West Virginia to Altoona.  Here are all of the corresponding moves:

-Miles Durham, Shelby Ford, and Eric Fryer have been promoted from Altoona to Indianapolis.  Fryer is the only one of the three that is really deserving of a promotion.  He’s hitting for a .345/.427/.549 line in 113 at-bats.  Fryer will likely take over the catching duties in Indianapolis with Dusty Brown getting promoted, and Jason Jaramillo currently injured.  Durham and Ford haven’t been playing well.  Durham is hitting for a .204/.268/.279 line, while Ford is hitting for a .194/.203/.258 line.  Indianapolis has lost a lot of infielders recently, due to the injuries in Pittsburgh, so Ford and Durham should provide some depth.

-Greg Picart and Travis Scott were received by the Altoona Curve from extended Spring Training.  Picart should take over the backup infield role that Ford had, while Scott should serve as the backup catcher behind Tony Sanchez with Fryer now in AAA.

-Cole White was received from extended Spring Training to take Curry’s spot on the West Virginia roster.  Not a big change here, as White has been on the West Virginia roster, but was recently moved off the roster to create space.  I would expect Justin Howard to get most of the playing time at first base with Curry gone.

A quick domino effect recap:

-Steve Pearce and Ryan Doumit expected to go on the DL today.

-Josh Harrison and Dusty Brown expected to get promoted to replace Pearce and Doumit.

-Miles Durham, Eric Fryer, and Shelby Ford promoted to replace Harrison and Brown (and Ciriaco, who was promoted last week).

-Matt Curry, Greg Picart, and Travis Scott promoted to replace Durham, Fryer, and Ford.

-Cole White activated in West Virginia to replace Curry.