Heading to West Virginia For Three Days

Taillon returns to the mound tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, we put up a site survey, and also a donation button to help expand the site’s coverage.  Thanks to the donations, I was able to go to State College for three games last week, covering Stetson Allie’s debut, and also catching Joely Rodriguez and Nick Kingham on the mound.

Also thanks to the donations, I will be heading to West Virginia for the next three days.  Colton Cain pitches tonight, and Zack Von Rosenberg is scheduled for Thursday.  And for those of you who have been asking about Jameson Taillon, he is expected to pitch on Wednesday.  I had been waiting for a chance to go see Cain, Taillon, and Von Rosenberg in the same trip, so this works out perfectly.

I will be providing live coverage from the games, as well as interviews with the players and coaches.

Just like before, all future donations to the site go toward increasing the site’s coverage of the minor league system.  The site is still in the growing mode, and due to the recent increased costs in running the site, there has been little room in the travel budget to go out and get live reports.  If you enjoy the 80+ hours a week I put in to the site, and would like to see increased coverage going forward, then consider donating (button on the top left side of the page).  Even if half the people who visited the site donated just $2, it would go a long way toward increasing the live coverage of the system.  For the record, I currently have a few dates circled on my calendar where I could catch Altoona and State College in the same trip.

Also, we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience on the site.  Since we conducted the survey, we’ve made a lot of changes, including revamping the Prospect Watch, adding a Daily Prospect Profile, adding our new monthly The View From the Booth feature, and our interview today with Jim Callis, providing an objective view of the system.  We’re always looking for more ways to improve the site, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

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I plan on going to at least the Taillon start.  I’m from Charleston and would love to meet you and (maybe haha) give you a few pointers about Charleston etc.

Either way, hope you have an excellent time in Charleston.

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