Pirates Sign International Free Agent Dennis Hurtarte

The Pirates have signed their first player from Guatemala, first baseman Dennis Hurtarte. He was watched by numerous teams in the last three months during tryouts in both the Dominican and in Florida.  His agent had close ties with the Mariners, Braves and Mets but the Pirates were able to sign him. He played five years in a baseball academy called Galvez Sobral in Guatemala and has been watched by scouts for years. The Pirates agreed to a contract with him on June 10 and just recently finalized the deal. According to one article he is just the 3rd player from the country to sign a pro contract and none have made the majors.

He has also been used as a pitcher but it sounds like he was signed solely as a  firstbaseman and he is skilled at the position. He is also a switch hitter. The following article in Spanish contain quotes from him about achieving his lifelong goal of signing with a major league team and his hopes of going directly to the states to play baseball and to work hard and make the most of his ability. Another article announces the deal.  According to a third article, he was signed by Rene Gayo for 6 years with the agreement he will go right to the states to play, and he is 18years old as of June 10th. We have also included several videos of him.

More videos can be found on this YouTube account.

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big issue is he looks slow footed… if he doesn’t make it on first he won’t make it anywhere… he better hit

Joe Gonzalez

He look incredibly raw, but the power potential seems to be there from this little i have just seen. He needs some serious work on his load if he ever expects to hit any HR’s over in America, but it is something that could be corrected without killing himself. I bet he comes over and hits over .300 for a while, without showing any power. Then Neal and his boys will work on his load and he will start hitting bombs. It’s not very likely he ever even makes it to the majors, but I like this signing quite a lot considering the limited info we have on him because of where he is from.

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