The Disabled List: Updates for July 6th

Alvarez and Cedeno could both return after the All-Star break.

I get a lot of e-mails wondering about the status of the injured players on the Pirates’ roster.  It makes sense that it’s a hot topic.  The Pirates currently have ten players on the disabled list.  I report the updates when I get them, although in most cases there’s really not much to report.  We don’t usually see a lot of updates until a player gets close to his rehab assignment.  When the rehab assignment begins, I always note the progress in the nightly Prospect Watch.

People ask for updated information about the injured players.  I can’t provide information that isn’t there, but I can run through the list and update what we know on all of the injured players, as well as my estimated timeline for their return to the majors.  Some of the information is old, and most of it has been reported on the site in various places.  Here they are, all in one location.

Dates in parenthesis represent the date the player was added to the disabled list.

60-Day DL

Kevin Hart (3/18/2011) – Hart has been on the disabled list all year with a shoulder injury, stemming from his 2010 shoulder surgery.  I mentioned last week that he paid a visit to Dr. James Andrews, and that it was determined that the best course of action would be for him to stop pitching for a month, and focus on strengthening his arm.  I don’t see him returning at all for the 2011 season.

Ross Ohlendorf (4/9/2011) – Ohlendorf threw a three inning simulated game in Bradenton on Monday.  He hasn’t started his official rehab work, and once that starts he will have 30 days until he has to return to the majors.  The Pirates want to get him built up a bit, throwing 60-75 pitches an outing, before starting his rehab assignment.  I wouldn’t expect him back until early August.

Chris Snyder (6/9/2011) – Snyder had back surgery in June, and is only to the point of doing workouts right now.  He probably won’t return until mid-to-late August.

15-Day DL

Pedro Alvarez (5/20/2011) – Alvarez is currently in AAA, on his major league rehab assignment.  He can return no later than July 17th, although it looks like he will be set to return right after the All-Star break next week.

Joe Beimel (5/28/2011) – Beimel is in AA, on his major league rehab assignment.  He will be throwing on back to back nights later this week, and if that goes well, he should return to the majors right after the All-Star break.

Steve Pearce (5/30/2011) – There haven’t been many updates on Pearce, and he hasn’t started his rehab assignment, so there’s no timetable for his return.

Ryan Doumit (5/30/2011) – The last update we heard on Doumit suggested that he wouldn’t return until late July.  There hasn’t been any update on him starting a rehab assignment, so that time table could be moved back.

Evan Meek (6/10/2011) – Meek avoided shoulder surgery, and will be aiming for a return in late-July.  However, he hasn’t started his official rehab assignment yet.

Jose Tabata (6/28/2011) – Tabata’s injury doesn’t seem serious, and he seems like a candidate to return from the DL shortly after he’s eligible to come off.  That date is July 13th.

7-Day DL

Ronny Cedeno (7/2/2011) – Cedeno hasn’t been cleared to resume exercising duties, and probably won’t return to the team until after the All-Star break.




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Mike Snyder


What do you expect to happen to the roster with the imminent return of some of these players?  Who goes down when Tabata, Alvarez, Beimel, and Cedeno come off the DL?  I’m assuming Ciriaco and Harrison are reassigned for Alvarez and Cedeno.  Seems to be a few candidates in the bullpen.  But what about the outfield???  I can’t imagine they’ll send down Presley…are Paul’s days numbered?


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