Pirates No Longer Pursuing Betemit

  • No loss here… Betemit is way too Adam LaRoche-like streaky, and without the power. He gets extremely hot for 2-3 weeks, then goes back into his normal 2 hits in 40 ab weeks.

    At the end of each year somehow his average looks good, but it’s only from the several little hot streaks he has each year where he goes like 20 hits in 40 ab.

    You can’t trust Betemit to produce on a consistent daily basis, just like LaRoche used to be for us, but again, without even the home run/extra base power LaRoche has.

  • Hitting coach thought he couldn’t get him to regress enough in one season to make it worthwhile.  :>)

  • Disappointment, but tempered some by the Bedard signing.

  • They determined that he hit too well to be on our team.  

  • why?